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I'd say the game is half done.

I made it to the point where you can play the game through the first half. When the game is finished you can use your old save file to continue where you left off. I'd say it should be done in a month or so.


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I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
I found a few bad glitches on the first half. I'm gonna upload a fixed version!
It should be up soon! I hope I didn't cause any chaos to the few who just downloaded the buggy version!
So! I discovered something odd. If you activate the 'Criss' mission in the Rebels Camp area, you fight her in the Feild of Feelings. That's how it's suppose to go down. HOWEVER! For some weird reason (maybe I was high) she appears in the town of Arvark and you can fight her there. I haven't messed with fighting her in town but I'm going to assume that it could mess up a future event if she is fought or left there. It'll be fixed. Hopefully, that's the only major glitch on the 1st half. If I find more I'll upload another version. Okay. That's all.
Sweet! Another glitch! Although it is not major, it is loud and wtf. When you chase Leo Glade in the Field of Feelings he may run up in the north-east section of the area and will get 'stuck' in the corner. Just leave and re-enter. The glitch is fixed in the final cut of the game. If anyone catches other glitches please let me know. Thanks!
Another minor glitch! (I'm glad I catch these! I feel like a developer/tester) When you reach the hideout just ignore the fact that the princess is already in the jail. Yeah. She shouldnt be there.
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