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My download link is busted!

Gibmaker pointed out that I reached the download limit for my game (it only had 17) and I guess that doesn't happen very often! I tried downloading it to see if it would work . . . and it doesn't. Oh well! I'm gonna release the final version hopefully in a few weeks and go with that. http://www.box.com/s/f301d4d21a6c1f57ed11 is another site to download the 80% completed game if you really want to! Have a good one!


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Well, I uploaded a new link and that should do it. I wonder if anyone knows what happened or if I did something wrong to cause that downloading problem?
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Urrr. It's happening again for the newest download. :( I do not udnerstand. Did you upload it to this site or is it mirrored from somewhere else? I have never seen this happen before for any other game.
Mediafire's always a good uploading site, mine seem to work fine on it. :o
Naw, all I did was upload a zipped folder like I always did! I noticed that some people have been accessing it (I've tried and I can't) so I use box.net to hold the extra file!
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