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FFaF - You and your pet

  • Utalyon
  • 01/23/2012 09:52 PM
The player is a generally well-balanced class.
Meaning that the player gains both skills that a tank (shield bash to stun, pummel), a DPS (quick strikes, deadly blow), and a healing (rejuvenate, cure) class would get.

So in For Fame and Fortune, the player can either choose a dog or cat to become their trusted companion.
**The dog is more of a tank type companion that has a high defense but low attack.
**The cat is more of a scrapper type companion that has a high attack but low defense.

Whatever companion you choose, he will automatically attack the target with the highest health and will guard (which reduces the damage he takes) when his health becomes lower than 25%.
You can also find a pet whistle to change, mid-game, between a dog and cat.

I don't really have a big concern with the pets. I just hope they're useful (they sure have been in testing battles)!
Until the next blog, take care.