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Anonymous Agony re-formed.

Anonymous Agony is no longer an Episodic game. Producing a game the length of the original plan would be far too ambitious since the loss of some team members that could not work on the game.

Anonymous Agony will now be a single game the length of 20-25 hours. The equivalent of 5 of the original length episodes. We're recruiting help of course, most of the original material is already complete, and the positions will be payed.

We need illustration artists, eventers, and level designers.


We need help!

Hellllo folks!

We need some new members on our team! Maybe one modern mapper and two eventers for scenes! Our material creation in finished, so we just need some folks who want to put it all together with us!

Toss me a PM If you have interest!


Official Website & File #0 release.

The website for Anonymous Agony has launched and you can find the url below http://www.anonymousagony.com/

All future episodes will be purchasable from the site under the "Episodes" page on the website upon release.

The updated prologue episode Anonymous Agony FILE #0: Intrusion will be available for free download next week. June 15th, 2014 The estimated release for Anonymous Agony FILE #1: Contamination is one month after FILE #0s release.


Accepting Beta Testers!

Anonymous Agony FILE #0 and FILE #1 are nearing completion, and we're looking for beta testers.

All applicants will be required to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement(NDA)
with their full legal name.

Please email iarudam@codedemotion.com with your beta tester request.
Tell us why you want to beta test Anonymous Agony, or just why you love
games in general!

Progress Report

File #1 Chats Sample

A bit part of Anonymous Agony is about chatting online, here's a video
showing some of the chats that can happen!


General Features Update. Interactive Crediting.

Anonymous Agony adopts a unique way to credit it's voice actors and actresses that
lend their voices to the characters. On top of the default name in the credits, they also appear inside the in-game "Acting Agency" Starlit Ladders.

You'll find more than just a name inside of Starlit Ladders, you'll find a full profile for the actors/actresses! A profile defined by them their selves.

After all the hard work they have all put into this project they deserve more than just a name.


Release delayed. Recruiting team members!

We've decided to try to release File #1 and File #2 at once, or no more than up to two weeks apart. The release of File #1 will be sometime in Early 2013.

Additionally we're recruiting Graphic Designers, Pixel Artists, and Regular Artists of various styles.

Graphic Artists will need to be able to produce flexible logos, game menu graphics, and various types of buttons.

Pixel Artists will need to be able to create and modify characters, and modern day items, as well as environmental pieces. If you can do any of these things then you apply.

As for Regular Artists, we're looking for people that have good coloring styles, people that can easily line illustrations, as well as sketch full illustrations.

If you, or anyone you know fits these requirements and are interested in a position on our team send us an email at - iarudam@codedemotion.com

Progress Report

15-Min Final Build Trailer!

Here's the trailer guys! Check it out!


Preview one of our songs by "Amanda Lee"

Get a preview of our original OST with a song performed by Amanda Lee!


Introducing our new portrait artist!

Firstly we'd like to again apologize for this delay, but we are just about ready to release File #1 of Anonymous Agony. Technical work is completed, we're just finishing up some of the art assets.

File #0 had around six story illustrations, and File #1 has 30. That being said I feel it's about time to announce our final art team.

The new dialogue portraits have shifted from a full body view, to a shoulder up view as we feel this focuses on the facial expressions much more.

Our new portrait artist is Nicole Wong and our whole team is very happy
to have her along. Go pay her a visit here - http://metapham.tumblr.com/

All of the future story illustrations will be drawn by Melody Brown.
Melody drew one of the File #0 illustrations, and will take up the task of
handling all of them from now on. She will also re-draw the File #0
illustrations she did not do for the final version.
Check out Melody here - http://jaytheunseen.deviantart.com/


I'm afraid there may also be another delay with File #2 due to the complete set of
different assets it has. We'll have a lot of foundation work to complete.
Whole separate cast of characters (With the exception of Clara) meaning new portraits, soundtrack, areas, menu graphics, it's essentially a whole different game.

But once File #2 is released, and we have the assets completed for both sides
of the story, we'll be able to keep the episode every two months deadline.

Some people had asked us how different File #2 was from #1, how different that
side really was. To answer that, it's lighter for one, it's nowhere near as morbid,
and we feel it really contrasts with the Haze side of the story. It also focuses on
simulated psychology sessions, rather than simulated online chatting and murder.

These two stories will eventually come together for the ending, but there's a lot
to get through before that happens.

Expect a trailer displaying all the features of File #1 sometime in October.
Expect File #1 to be released sometime afterwards.
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