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For anyone who's stuck in this game, or want to 100% it, look here:

- Read the help file! If you don't, you may find yourself hopelessly confused and stuck at points in the game.
- Press Up MULTIPLE times to escape. That doesn't just mean two or three times.
- It's possible to unlock all the Extras in 2 runs of the game.
- Make multiple saves thruout the game.
- There are a number of glitches in the game. The 2 most prominent ones are
- If you stop running as soon as you reach the end of the map, for some reason, the coding to move to the next room doesn't happen. This one's minor. Just walk off and back onto the tile to activate the event.
- Also, don't enter the menu right beside a monster or wraith. If you do, return, and immediately enter battle, it'll glitch pretty badly, and you'll have to reset the game.
- Try doing things differently. Something different might happen, depending on who's there when something happens, and what order you trigger events in.
- There are two endings. If you feel like the ending sucked, you probably got the bad one.

(From intro's end)
1. Go to the East Guestroom
2. Go to the elevator
3. Go to the Storage Room and find the matches
4. Go to the West Guestroom
5. Go to the Bathroom
6. Go to the Living Room
7. Go to the Northern most Servant's Bedroom, talk to the maid. Read the book on the desk. Copy down the directions.
8. Go to the Living Room
9. Go to the Library, read the book on the Wellington History (Top left bookshelf). Write down the information there.
10. Go to the Garage, retrieve the crowbar and the dynamite
11. Go thru the Henge Maze north of the mansion, and enter the Mausoleum
12. Follow the code on the note found in the maid's room
13. Go to the top floor of the Mausoleum and solve the switches puzzle. To do this, follow the order of the Wellington family from the first to the last, according to symbol and title.
14. Go to the second floor of the Mausoleum. Use the crowbar (thru the menu) while standing in front of the windy tomb.
15. Gain access to the labs
16. Go to the East Residential Block and find the notes with the password to the Aquarium Filter.
17. Go to the Power/ Pump Room, read the manual instructions and the passwords.
18. Input each of the passwords into the computer above
19. Go back to the aquarium, see the octopus
20. Return to the mansion, go to the kitchen and get the Crab from the fridge
21. Go to the Mansion Lab on the 2nd floor and search the rightmost cupboard. Use it on the crab
22. Return to the aquarium in the labs. While avoiding the paths patrolled by fish, lure the octopus away from its resting area. Double around and use the Poisoned Crab (from the menu) in the resting area of the octopus
23. Leave the room and return. Search the octopus
24. Talk to Cyrus
25. Return to the mansion, go to the 3rd floor. Go to the Master Bedroom's Balcony
26. Grab the 1st Aid Kit, run down and find the secret passage to the study
27. Return to Cyrus
28. Find the unbroken Flask in the West Residential Block (On the shelf)
29. Fill the Flask using any of the slime water pipes located around the lab
30. Return to the mutant
31. Go back to the mansion
32. Return to the labs using the elevator entrance
33. Clear out all the mutants in the area
34. Return to the wraith cell
35. Open the bottom floor thru the Control Room
36. Find the 5 Spare Parts Boxes. 1 is in the Aquarium Control Room, 1 is in the West Section's Lab (The northernmost one), 1 is in the West Residential Block, 1 is in the Power/ Pump Room, 1 is in the East Residential Block
37. Save a separate file. (Point of no return)
38. Talk to Cyrus twice to initiate mission
39. Ward off the wraith. Run to the Wraith Cell.
40. Fight off the wraith for as long as possible. Use the Hand if necessary.
41. Return to the Control Room
42. Go to the Living Room to end the game.

These are the steps to get the bad ending. To get the good ending, read below. Spoiler alert!

In the bad ending, Cyrus explains the reason why Erina could not be exorcised was because her children, Ramius and Regina are dead. Since you saw Ramius die, the only way is for Regina to still be alive. In order to do that, you need to find the clues that point out the abnormal mutant in the labs as Regina (aka, prove that she's still alive). To do that, (in any order):
1. See the Wellington's Photo in the Master Bedroom on the 3rd Floor
2. Read the file which depicts the analysis of mutant humans
3. After rescuing Cyrus and the mutant, leave the labs and return. Talk to the mutant again, then examine the paper she had in front of her.

After the above is done, return to the Mausoleum's 2nd Floor, and investigate Regina's grave. Then go back and talk to the mutant. Now play thru the game as normal. At the end, when Cyrus proclaims Erina's children as dead, Kana will interject, and the game will continue.

If you're having trouble completing the game for the better ending, read below.

1. Go back to the Control Room and talk to the scientist
2. Go to the Secret Lab using the elevator. Retrieve the Wraith Device.
3. Search the labs for the wraith.
4. In one of the files found in the lab, it explained that the scientists were able to trap the wraith by pushing it into the Secret Lab, where it was contained. Therefore, you want to use the wraith device to do the same. Using either the Device's Attract or Repel options, herd the wraith into the West Corridor, and lure it into the southernmost part of the room (Below the door).
5. Position yourself so that the southernmost door is above you, while having you above the wraith, then use the Wraith Device's Repel option
6. Find Regina in her usual place
7. Return to the Secret Lab. The wraith should be there. Approach it.
8. If you didn't earlier, go back to the 3rd floor of the mansion, and search Victor's body for the keys
9. Go to the Lighthouse and head for the top floor. Search the wall.
10. Use the explosives in front of the wall. Head up
11. Search the body for the keys
12. Go back to the mansion. Go to the Prayer Room. Find the secret passage behind the fireplace's chimney.
13. Follow the passage to the 2nd Floor's Storage Room. Enter the passageway thru either of the entranceways near the center of the room.
14. Go into the study and read the book.
15. Leave to end the game.

Note: Some things may be different depending on how long it takes you to play thru each part.

The following are some things you can do to change up how certain cutscenes play out:
Try using the Hand icon during the last wraith fight
Wait for an hour to pass before rescuing anyone
Fetch Lily before finding Ryan
Bring Cyrus to see others