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Progress Report

First Major News Update!

Well I have the second dungeon-like area almost complete. I just gotta make the cutscene for the boss fight and I'm done... with the dungeon. But to be honest i was hoping to make this update as soon as I finished the dungeon but kinda been... lazy... or maybe another way to put it, I'm not in a creative mood right now (probably because I started playing katawa shoujo, then played Final Fantasy: Tactics since I found out the original was in the Playstation store, then played more katawa shoujo, then started another VN...) so yeah... I'll probably start back up... sometime lol. I promise I won't put the project on hold much longer.

Now I figured out which actor I'm gonna use for Cilla, which is the purple haired mage chick (and for the face I'm gonna use Nessiah's sad face for her) but I'm having problems with Adel. Only one actor has any resemblance to the Adel in my head but there is two problems. The actor is the pink haired ninja chick but.... Adel isn't a ninja. So the default sprite won't... actually I think I may have an idea to fix that problem... but the second problem is the face is drawn in a different stlye than the other three MCs and I stand it. It's feels out of place to me. So I made a request in a different forum in hope that that someone good at editing could fix those problems but I've had zero luck with that unfortunately.

And the last piece of news is I'm making Sairen (from Princess Princess fame) a cameo appearance in my game since A) I thought that game is hilarious B) I loved the Sairen jokes the most and decided to try my hand at it C) To be honest... Princess Princess is the first RPG game I played that is an RM game hahaha.... (And one of the first 3 Rm games I've played) so that kinda tells you guys that I really am very new to RM in every way. Also I made sure to get the A-OK from Nessiah first so she knows about it. Though just by writing (typing?) this I just thought if I should use the trail version of Sairen or the full game version of Sairen for his/her face.... I probably should go ask that haha...

Anyways I think that's it for my first major news/progress report/update thingy... Oh wait. I also plan on making a video of the first 10 or so minutes of what happens directly after where the demo left off when I finish the dungeon so you all can give me any feedback you deem helpful.



Dude, someone tell me what's going on... no way that's true. And if it's true, tell me what I did right for this to happen.

Seriously two days ago I had like 24 or less DL's. I discovered FFT was available at the PSN store so I went and bought it since I been wanted to play the origanal for years. So I decide to come and check on this and BAM!; 2k downloads. Maybe FFT is my lucky charm?

Seriously someone tell me what's going on.

Progress Report

First update

Right now the game is about as much done as the demo. Progress after the demo is that I almost have the second dungeon done. I'm done mapping it so the only thing left is to add in the cutscene events and balance out the enemies. That's all I have done so far but I'm working hard on it.

When the demo is available I hope people will give me feedback on pretty much everything I did right or wrong. Though I'm expecting more wrong then right lol. Thank you everyone who checks out my demo.
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