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Surreality: Fabrication of Time is a murder mystery oldschool adventure game with an emphasis on exploratory storytelling. It is the second part of a planned trilogy, although each part is completely standalone (the only connection between them will be the theme). This particular entry was inspired by a dream.

Story Outline
Corbin is losing touch with reality. Everything he knows seems to make less sense as the days go by. Everything he sees is becoming more and more unfamiliar to him. All of his acquaintances seem like strangers from another world. Time itself seems to have lost all linearity.

In Surreality: Fabrication of Time, your task is to find out what has happened to his girlfriend, as he is haunted by visions of her death. You must put together the pieces of his past to uncover the present, and stop his delusions from overtaking his sanity.

The gameplay is like an oldschool adventure game. Find clues to unlock hidden memories of your past, move forward and back through time to discover the truth, and explore a world that is literally falling apart before your eyes.

The game takes place over a span of a few days. The world you wake to will always be exactly the same, but it will feel very, very different to you. (Check screenshots for an idea of how this works).

For Esoterica, go here:

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Final Blog

So, calunio submitted a review and it seems to cover everything pretty well. I can only hope that there are those who liked the ending a bit more, but I do agree with all the flaws that were pointed out.

The game currently has 10 subs, and 68 downloads. Again, it's pretty much what I expected. This wasn't ever a serious attempt to gain attention or create a masterpiece for all to love and praise, just a little writing exercise for myself where I got to experiment with a cool theme.

I was also able to submit this for the NaGaDeMo event, and got an achievement out of it. It's rather funny, I only have two achievements for this site, and they were achieved by submitting Esoterica and Surreality respectively. I feel like that alone means they weren't complete failures, for me personally. They were also fun to make.

It will be a good while before I get to making the third entry in this surreal themed series, and I probably jumped the gun a little when I started on this one. Nevertheless, it will be made eventually, and I hope for it to be a culmination of all the best parts of Esoterica and Surreality.
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  • 02/15/2012 12:45 AM
  • 03/15/2020 03:55 PM
  • 06/14/2012
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I'm wondering where part one is.

It's a pretty interesting concept. I would say that in the changing rooms, the graphic style is different in each, but oh well. If anything that can add to the feeling of change.
Yep, very different styles. It's my attempt at showing how the protagonist is finding it harder to recognize familiar things. Each day will have a different style and atmosphere to it :)

EDIT: The first part is Esoterica, it's on this site only.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Sounds definitely interesting, want to see this coming to life! subbed.
Well I kind of liked Esoterica, so I'm looking forward to this!
Oldschool adventure, huh? Count me in! *downloads*

It'd be neat if you could put a link to the first game in the description where we can get t it without searching for it.
Okay, added it to the bottom of the description. Be forewarned though, they are very different experiences, and feature none of the same characters.
Certainly a short but interesting game. I think I enjoyed this a bit more than Esoterica for the simple reason that this was more interactive mystery whereas Esoterica was more action.
Yeah, I wanted to take this route with Esoterica around the middle of the story, but due to the time constraints of the contest it kinda became a jumbled mess and the battles also left a lot to be desired. I'm glad you like this approach better, as I think it's much more suiting to this type of storytelling. I'm not sure how I'll go about the third iteration, but I'm definitely leaning more towards this one.
Expect a review somewhat soon.
Thanks, calunio! Interested to hear some impressions!
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