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Warning: Legionwood 2 is for seasoned RPG players! This game is hard. We mean Final Fantasy III crossed with low level Dungeons and Dragons hard. Don't anger the dice gods.

Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm is a fantasy Role Playing Game (RPG) in the style of classics like Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest and the long awaited sequel to Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords.

Playing as an elite imperial soldier trying to protect their homeland, you'll get to explore a massive, fully detailed medieval empire filled with daring adventures, outlandish treasures and dramatic conflicts. Along the way, you'll have to contend with the likes of political corruption, zombie hordes, the onset of war and a game world that changes depending on your choices and actions. Will you be the one who saves Legionwood, or will you be the one who dooms it to an age of darkness?

  • 15+ hours of classic RPG gameplay.

  • Dozens of minigames and sidequests to discover.

  • Hundreds of different character configurations.

  • Over 80 intelligent and dangerous foes.

  • Non-linear game that makes your choices count.

  • Six possible endings.

Legionwood 2 is an epic adventure spanning entire worlds and time itself for only $5.99! Purchase the game here.

Latest Blog

Legionwood 2 is finally on sale!

The day everyone a small group of hardcore fans has been waiting for is here: after almost four years of development, the full version of Legionwood 2 has finally been released. As of this very moment, the game is available to purchase from the Dark Gaia Studios website in all of its indie, SNES-style Role Playing Game glory.

As I’ve posted before, the game retails for $5.99 USD (even though I live in Australia it’s so much easier to handle online payments in American dollars) and you can pay for your copy via Paypal, credit card or wire transfer – it’s all handled securely through the game’s distributor. All purchased copies of Legionwood 2 are completely DRM-free and can be backed up on an external drive or transferred to other PCs with ease.

I’m also working on getting the game available through Desura and its associated portals. The Desura edition of Legionwood 2 is currently being evaluated and should be online within the next two weeks. By the end of March I’ll also hopefully have the game out on some of the larger RPG Maker portals such as Amaranth Games and RPG Maker Web as well.

I first started working on Legionwood 2 back in 2010 right after Legionwood 1’s release. After countless betas and even a complete rewrite in a new engine, I’m so excited that the game is finally complete and ready to be devoured by masses of hungry fans. It’s been an awesome ride working on this game and engaging with all the people who tested its various beta builds – without your feedback, it definitely wouldn’t be as good as it is today. I really hope that you enjoy Legionwood 2 and its epic continuation of the Legionwood canon.

You can start your adventure by purchasing the game or downloading the free demo here. Happy adventuring!


Just read your comment, so tried to recreate it. First battle before I even jumped the first platform, battle of 3 seraph's, first action was aelia ranger(with assassins hood) first action was steal on 1st seraph, game crashed. The error message was

Scirpt 'Battle_StealSkill' line 1043: NoMethodError occurred.

undefined method 'icon_index' for nil:NilClass

edit: just got it to happen again, first battle before the first jump. The battle was sprite,seraph,defender. Aelia used steal on seraph, no problem. Felix used steal on seraph game crashed. Exact same error message.

edit 2: tried jumping over the first jump, things were going smoother witha battle of 3 seraphs, stole a few times then game crashed most amount of attempts to steal yet at about 5 crashed on 6
Thanks for recreating it. It's really stumping me and preventing me from finishing off the last couple of areas of the next Beta, but I think your information might be useful.
no problem happy to help. A few questions, as of right now it is not possible to go back through the cave that leads to the north side of peridot path(the area just before the final world map area of this beta) due to boulders. Will we eventutally be able to go backwards if we desired? I'd expect we will be able to with a boat or something later though. I thought to go backwards due to the rangers skill to learn skills from monsters. Will any of the previous monsters have skills we can learn?

Also I downloaded the trial version of rpgmaker vx ace, but it looks like the rvproj2 file is not included in this version of the game. Mainly just to dabble and see if I could figure out what was causing the steal glitch on the seraph, although I doubt I would be able to figure it out due to extremely little programming experience and no rpg maker experience. Do you plan on releasing that file like with legionwood 1 when it is finished?
In the upcoming Beta 4, the boulders vanish after you've been through the area once, so you can go back -- the only reason you can't in the current one is because I forgot to turn on the switch that activates the code.

I do intend to release the game with the rvproj2 file once it's finished, but you don't actually need it to open the game in the editor -- you can just copy and paste the rvproj2 file from any other Ace project into LW2's folder and it'll open fine.
You can always find a rpg game, where the story is in small proportion. Game system is always so incredibleand fantastic but the story is sometmes rather boring and confusing. That is not a bad thing after all...
I hope you making better story than in legionwood 1.
I am not saying that your game was trashy.
But i hope that this game is better than the first one.
Cool yea I got the editor to work. I just tested out to see if moving the monster group to the peridot path fixed anything, it did not, which confirms that it is a problem specifically with that monster/monsters

edit: your going to hate yourself.....

go under database, enemies, number 58:seraph under the notes section see the <steal I173: 52%> now look under items it only goes up to 140, therefore THIS ITEM DOES NOT EXIST!!!

edit 2: did I mix up the percentages when I wrote it down? I can't remember :).
just wondering when is your estimated completion date for whole game? cause I like long games and this will be awesome also playing first one right now my fav!
@gandra: I'm not sure how I screwed up the item code so badly. Either way, it's fixed now...

@winaster: I'm not sure, to be honest. The next Beta, which goes up to the game's halfway point, is what I'm working on right now, so the full game would probably come late this year, or maybe even early 2014. I don't get a lot of time to work on Legionwood 2 these days.
In a manner of speaking, they are ;)

You'll see eventually. The next release is coming along very slowly, but it's still coming.
Hi everyone,I just began the second legionwood game,having completed the first one.
I am only at the beginning,started going into the cave. I must say I really like the morality thing that concerns reputation. There was a VERY old game that had this type of feature,we are talking early 1980's and on a C64. For the life of me I can not remember the games name. That one my son and I played together.
I am feeling out the game and trying to get a hook on the game flow,and will be working on strategies. I am also thinking of playing legionwood 1 again,and this time will try to lay out a strategy guide if I can. most of my play is kinda seat of the pants,that is after playing so many different games I kind of just do it,but seldom can "put it down in writing" kinda how my mind works with most things. At any rate one of my methods is hang at a save point,and fight,trying many different approaches,trying magic combos,and sometimes swapping weapons,and with the save point near you can play out style and approach with no fear of dieing and forgetting what you just did. This helped when I fought bosses,giving me better understanding about pros and cons of each magic to keep from getting creamed by a foe. One thing I noticed is that you can not assume anything with a monster,what worked once may not work a second time,so you have to be able to be flexible in your fighting style. This is one aspect of the game I really liked,it kept the game exciting and always kept me on my toes.

Thanks for your comments Anunitu. I know many people liked how the battles played out in Legionwood 1 and how the character customization was neccesary to adapt to the battles, and I'm trying my best to implement this style of play into Legionwood 2 as well. Hopefully a bit better executed this time, however.

Also, I'm glad the idea of the morality system intrigues you. It doesn't come into play so much in the beta version you are playing now, but starting from the next release which I'm working on, it begins to impact the story, influencing which characters survive until the end, and what the ending will be.
Interesting that you mention music stuff,I have a few things I did a few years ago when I was playing around with a sampler program. If you like I will let who ever wants to hear them. There are 4 in MP3 format,and none is all that big. The are named Dream Boogie,dark dream,spiderbite,and dreamboogie2 that I did a backwards version of that is kinda weird. All 4 7zipped runs about 8 megs. Someone might want to pick out a section for background music for a fight scene. I think it was soundforge that I used,I did these quite a while back,but lost interest in it after a while. All the samples used were free,public domain stuff BTW.
. . . still waiting . . . >.< or did I missed the II act already. . . ?
No, you haven't missed it. I'm being extremely slow and lazy with development :p

I only have a little more to do, hoping for a release at the end of May.
Zephiur from the RMVXAce forums here, just dropping in to say I look forward to playing this game when it's fully released. I still haven't beaten the original Legionwood, so I need to get cracking on that. The Sheerbark Ruins is kicking my ass with all the mimics and Seraphs. Either I allocated my stats horribly or I'm just not high enough level or something? I don't expect it to be a roflstomp but my entire party keeps getting KOd. I mean for the most part I can kill things fine, but Seraphs end up one shotting my characters if I can't run and Mimics have the potential to two-shot my characters. Tips would be appreciated but I'd like to finish it on my own with no help :P

On a semi-related note, after you release Legionwood 2 are you going to make a Legionwood 3 or move on to a different series? I also think it might be kinda cool to "revisit" the first, maybe remake it with the new features LW2/RMVXAce implemented? I mean it's smashing good as it is, and you're a busy fellow, so I wouldn't expect you to do something like that. I just think it'd be something neat for in the future.

At any rate, I'd love to beta test for Legionwood 2 once I finish the first and what's released of the second. It's the least a broke guy can do for one of his internet heroes. :F
Hi Zephiur,

Not sure what I'll be doing after Legionwood 2, to be honest. I have plans for a new RPG, but not sure if I'll actually do it or not.

Thanks for playing :)
Hi Dark Gaia! I'm excited to play the next build! I still remember last year when
I played Legionwood for the first time(It was one of the first RPG Maker games I
played) and even though I LOVED that game I LOVE this one even more! Keep up the
good work!
Thanks! I'm trying my best to bring the next build to you soon! :)