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Warning: Legionwood 2 is for seasoned RPG players! This game is hard. We mean Final Fantasy III crossed with low level Dungeons and Dragons hard. Don't anger the dice gods.

Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm is a fantasy Role Playing Game (RPG) in the style of classics like Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest and the long awaited sequel to Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords.

Playing as an elite imperial soldier trying to protect their homeland, you'll get to explore a massive, fully detailed medieval empire filled with daring adventures, outlandish treasures and dramatic conflicts. Along the way, you'll have to contend with the likes of political corruption, zombie hordes, the onset of war and a game world that changes depending on your choices and actions. Will you be the one who saves Legionwood, or will you be the one who dooms it to an age of darkness?

  • 15+ hours of classic RPG gameplay.

  • Dozens of minigames and sidequests to discover.

  • Hundreds of different character configurations.

  • Over 80 intelligent and dangerous foes.

  • Non-linear game that makes your choices count.

  • Six possible endings.

Legionwood 2 is an epic adventure spanning entire worlds and time itself for only $5.99! Purchase the game here.

Latest Blog

Legionwood 2 is finally on sale!

The day everyone a small group of hardcore fans has been waiting for is here: after almost four years of development, the full version of Legionwood 2 has finally been released. As of this very moment, the game is available to purchase from the Dark Gaia Studios website in all of its indie, SNES-style Role Playing Game glory.

As I’ve posted before, the game retails for $5.99 USD (even though I live in Australia it’s so much easier to handle online payments in American dollars) and you can pay for your copy via Paypal, credit card or wire transfer – it’s all handled securely through the game’s distributor. All purchased copies of Legionwood 2 are completely DRM-free and can be backed up on an external drive or transferred to other PCs with ease.

I’m also working on getting the game available through Desura and its associated portals. The Desura edition of Legionwood 2 is currently being evaluated and should be online within the next two weeks. By the end of March I’ll also hopefully have the game out on some of the larger RPG Maker portals such as Amaranth Games and RPG Maker Web as well.

I first started working on Legionwood 2 back in 2010 right after Legionwood 1’s release. After countless betas and even a complete rewrite in a new engine, I’m so excited that the game is finally complete and ready to be devoured by masses of hungry fans. It’s been an awesome ride working on this game and engaging with all the people who tested its various beta builds – without your feedback, it definitely wouldn’t be as good as it is today. I really hope that you enjoy Legionwood 2 and its epic continuation of the Legionwood canon.

You can start your adventure by purchasing the game or downloading the free demo here. Happy adventuring!


I never dual classed myself, it wasn't worth the stat debuffs and I got on just fine without it, I had a knight magus cleric and ranger.
Do you use the gunner? That was a very useful class and there isn't
a character who by default is a cleric.
Did gunner for a bit, didn't find it that good though.
Often it's a bad idea to dual class due to the 10% penalty, but sometimes you can use the system to actually get better stats. The Rogue/Gunner is one such example.

What you do is to equip the character with one Gunslinger's Kit and dual wield two guns. This will make your attack greater than what a gunner would have with two Offense Earrings and it's speed will be higher as well. You take a defensive hit, but you have one runecraft slot left to fix that problem with. The advantage you now get is that you can use Bullet Storm with a greater speed and attack than you would have been able to as pure Gunner and you have access to both Rogue and Gunner skills.

This setup has almost only advantages compared to a pure Gunner.

Most dual class setups are bad though. A Gunner/Rogue would be an awful setup and so far the Fighter is doing best pure.
I agree that the stat penalty is too much. I guess a Rogue/Gunner with Gunslinger's kit would be a better option and make Aelia a pure Cleric but I think that a Gunner/Cleric is a pretty cool combo. I wonder
how well a Cleric/Gunner with a Gunslinger's kit would work.
Keep in mind you can also dual wield one gun with a status inflicting weapon such as a the Slumber Sword -- Bullet Time will then have a chance of inflicting these conditions as well.
I got an accessory that lets you attack twice and I also got access to the barbarian class. I wanted to combine Craze with the double attack to attack twice with a 2x attack power, but it seems you only get one attack under Craze. Probably for the best since that combination otherwise would have demolished bosses. Doesn't stop me from searching for powerful combinations though.
Yeah, I had Craze cancel that out because it would have been way too broken otherwise.
Just had a few end game questions

Is Kushan the last area? How do I get shaman class? I noticed there are rumors of airships
Khusan is the last major town. After that, there's Payap Village. The volcano just to the north is the final dungeon, but a major side quest unlocks about that time that adds an extra hour to the game and gives you the "proper" ending.

The Shaman class is a well hidden secret. It's actually found way back in the dark world of Westholm. Just explore the overland map thoroughly and you'll find the Shaman's Tomb.

And the airships will appear in a later game. At the present time, Charn is the only nation at the moment which has them, and -- as some of the endings will show -- the Darkness has completely destroyed that country.
Thanks! For some reason I didn't get a notification for this post or I missed it. Any plans to make other games in that world? Or in general? I really enjoyed the game and would like to see something more fleshed out by you for a higher price tag.
I'm sorry, but I have looked everywhere and can't find the shaman's tomb, can you give me a hint to where to look, please?
I FINALLY got around to getting the game! I got it as apart of that humble pay-what-you-want deal! Now I've got RPG Maker VX Ace, DLC, AND like 4 games! This (was) the best Thursday I ever had!
I do not know if I have the full game - my game ends with Marcos being shot at a portal- then game over - is this the ending?
@coolopotomus: I'm currently working on another RPG, but it's not set in the same world (it's a horror RPG set in London in 1934). It's shorter than LW2 but more involved. If it ends up going commercial it'll be roughly the same price. At the moment, a prototype is being built for Degica's NaGaDeMo contest, and that will be free to play.

@sablerulz: When you're in Westholm (the dark world), cross the river and then follow it to the north ;)

@wybella: That's one of the six endings, yes. If you'd like one that ties up the story a little better, you have to complete the final side quest at the Emperor's Citadel to unlock the true final boss.
Hey, Dark Gaia!

I just have to ask,
is the volcano dungeon the final dungeon? (I bought the game)
Hey, Dark Gaia!

I just have to ask,
is the volcano dungeon the final dungeon? (I bought the game)

+ Where can you find the Stone Cup?
Yes, the volcano is the final dungeon. Also, you can get the Stone Cup from the old woman at the Corinthe Farms.
I had hoped that the game was twice as long, though.
It just didn't seem right to end the game at the volcano.
All the time, it have been this buildup to this moment in the volcano.
But, I have to say, great game! I like it.
Will there be more Legionwood 2?
To be honest, I originally did intend for there to be some more after the volcano. The original plan was to have this game be "Volume One" and then continue the adventure in a "Volume Two". However, given how long it took me to actually finish Legionwood 2, I soon realised that any potential second episode would probably take just as long, and I didn't want to leave the story unresolved, so I extended the existing endings to resolve the main conflict, and added the two Reboot endings to answer the questions that were left unanswered.

It was basically a choice between rushing the ending to actually have an ending, or leaving the game unresolved for a very long time.

I do have plans to maybe do a DLC/expansion at some point that picks up after the volcano and covers the journey to Charn leading to the endings, but it isn't going to happen for a while at this point.

There will definitely be more games like Legionwood 2 coming, though. Many elements of Legionwood 2 are being carried over into Mythos: The Beginning, for example, which is actually using Legionwood 2 as a code base.