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Warning: Legionwood 2 is for seasoned RPG players! This game is hard. We mean Final Fantasy III crossed with low level Dungeons and Dragons hard. Don't anger the dice gods.

Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm is a fantasy Role Playing Game (RPG) in the style of classics like Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest and the long awaited sequel to Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords.

Playing as an elite imperial soldier trying to protect their homeland, you'll get to explore a massive, fully detailed medieval empire filled with daring adventures, outlandish treasures and dramatic conflicts. Along the way, you'll have to contend with the likes of political corruption, zombie hordes, the onset of war and a game world that changes depending on your choices and actions. Will you be the one who saves Legionwood, or will you be the one who dooms it to an age of darkness?

  • 15+ hours of classic RPG gameplay.

  • Dozens of minigames and sidequests to discover.

  • Hundreds of different character configurations.

  • Over 80 intelligent and dangerous foes.

  • Non-linear game that makes your choices count.

  • Six possible endings.

Legionwood 2 is an epic adventure spanning entire worlds and time itself for only $5.99! Purchase the game here.

Latest Blog

Legionwood 2 is finally on sale!

The day everyone a small group of hardcore fans has been waiting for is here: after almost four years of development, the full version of Legionwood 2 has finally been released. As of this very moment, the game is available to purchase from the Dark Gaia Studios website in all of its indie, SNES-style Role Playing Game glory.

As I’ve posted before, the game retails for $5.99 USD (even though I live in Australia it’s so much easier to handle online payments in American dollars) and you can pay for your copy via Paypal, credit card or wire transfer – it’s all handled securely through the game’s distributor. All purchased copies of Legionwood 2 are completely DRM-free and can be backed up on an external drive or transferred to other PCs with ease.

I’m also working on getting the game available through Desura and its associated portals. The Desura edition of Legionwood 2 is currently being evaluated and should be online within the next two weeks. By the end of March I’ll also hopefully have the game out on some of the larger RPG Maker portals such as Amaranth Games and RPG Maker Web as well.

I first started working on Legionwood 2 back in 2010 right after Legionwood 1’s release. After countless betas and even a complete rewrite in a new engine, I’m so excited that the game is finally complete and ready to be devoured by masses of hungry fans. It’s been an awesome ride working on this game and engaging with all the people who tested its various beta builds – without your feedback, it definitely wouldn’t be as good as it is today. I really hope that you enjoy Legionwood 2 and its epic continuation of the Legionwood canon.

You can start your adventure by purchasing the game or downloading the free demo here. Happy adventuring!


A character build guide is coming up, but meanwhile, here's some tips just to survive:

Make sure you buy the best armor from the blacksmith. Warriors and gunners should not stick with leather.

Warriors should do fine as long as they are using metal armor and not leather, as should gunners. If you have a gunner with a sub class (I'd recommend making the gunner the sub class instead though) you may need to give it a Shield Earring. The rogue should wear one Shield Earring if it doesn't have a sub class and two if it does. The magus and cleric wants two Shoulder Pads, substitute any Shoulder Pad you don't have with a Shield Earring.

Use First Aid on anyone who's hit with defense down. That debuff is very dangerous.
@Crystalgate: Thanks for helping out!

@Natsu_Luffy: Yes, I must admit that the game is torturous towards people who haven't given a thought to character improvement. I kind of designed it so that players of Legionwood 1 would immediately fall into the flow of things, but I'm considering adding difficulty levels for new players (or players who don't want to mess about with character builds) later.
Okay, so I have played legionwood 1 3 times now, and decided to give this a try.
I'm not a fan of the ace engine, but you make good use out of it, but i really miss that AP system.

Although, I have one minor bug that I discovered. At the start, in the corinthe city hall, I swapped my characters so Felix walked first. Then when I was listening the conversation (before the boss battle) Felix got this: ... bubble over his head, which I am sure Lionel should have had.

And, goblin king: Minor quake killed my whole lv 4 party. It's too powerfull this early in the game, and i'm not a fan of sitting 2 hours training my characters.
And, goblin king: Minor quake killed my whole lv 4 party. It's too powerfull this early in the game, and i'm not a fan of sitting 2 hours training my characters.

He uses it randomly. There's a very good chance (say 50% if you have high offense) that you can kill him without him using it even once.
Well I have tried to kill him 2 times, both failed because of minor quake...
oh, well, I think it's better to make it a little weaker.
If you have a Magus in the party, you should be guaranteed at least one character surviving that attack, since it's Magic based. You can also equip the Mountaineer Boots that you can find to resist it.

Lower his Agility and Defense with Debilitating Shot and Critical Shot -- that will make him easier.
I subscribed to another game of yours, Mr. DarkGaia!
author=Dark Gaia
If you have a Magus in the party, you should be guaranteed at least one character surviving that attack, since it's Magic based. You can also equip the Mountaineer Boots that you can find to resist it.

Lower his Agility and Defense with Debilitating Shot and Critical Shot -- that will make him easier.

Where can I find those boots?

And also, 11th time I fail killing him. He ALWAYS use minor quake which kills my party. My tactic is the same as in legionwood 1: Inflict poison, raise everybodys stats and destroy. Also, I got to admit the my Lionel has 211 HP minor quake destroys him easy. My classes are: Lionel: Warrior Felix: Rouge Aelia: Magus/Cleric
Set minor quake so it deals around 100 - 150 HP OR remove the goblins he call after. That is my advice. Also, I will gladely test this game for more bugs if I beat that goblin king!
You're really running into bad luck. He really isn't programmed to use Minor Quake so much. I'm pretty sure the Boots are in that dungeon somewhere (unless I removed them in a later version). I'd also recommend that you give either Lionel or Aelia the Gunner class as a main (and use either Magus or Cleric ONLY as a secondary -- you get a fourth character after this battle whose main class is Magus) and use Critical Shot and Debilitating Shot to lower the Goblin King's Defense and Agility, which makes him a lot easier to kill. Then use Hourglasses to boost your own turn ratio.

Try downloading the latest version - I've altered that fight so that you can obtain Mountaineer Boots beforehand and so that he uses Minor Quake even less.
Oh well.
I will do the same as in LW1: Trying many tactics until I find a powerfull and deadly one ;)

Also, I will do a review later I think.
That would be appreciated, but please note in the review that the game is unfinished and still in an un-polished state.

I know how you feel about losing to the Goblin King over and over... I was playing Star Stealing Prince the other day and I kept losing to the first boss. So far, nobody's complained about the Goblin King and everyone seems to agree he's the right difficulty, but I'm thinking of implementing difficulty levels in the next release of the game.

Just keep an eye on your character builds, techs and equipment - they mean a lot in this game.
I have played the star stealing prince too. I'm at the 3rd boss there.
And well, it has stopped there for me since I must train to beat him. But thst
bird wasn't so hard after all, if you find a good tactic. But that bird didn't had an attack that killed your whole party. It surely had nasty attacks that almost killed you, and that is exactly what I would have done to minor quake. Also, I will play at the heardest difficulty if you make difficulty levels. But I got to tell that your maps are awesome and so are the music (especially the one at the start when you retake corinthe).

Also, I have a good tactic this time I think ;)
And I'm looking for all kinds of bugs this time, and already found one: Under the fight vs Boudica Lionel died. When I was about to attack with Felix I pressed the back button 2 or 3 times and I got a script error that said something about stacking. I will check this one more.

Also, I know that this game is still in beta, and that's why i'm telling these bugs
since that will make your game better I think.

But what's new for me in this game is that you can use sharpen 2 times to get attack up 2 times, something I just realized :P

Keep on the good work, I'll tell you if I find more bugs ;)

EDIT: Alright, I killed the werewolf (he was much easier than goblin king). Now I'm heading to dryads sanctum :D
I played the demo and I really enjoyed it. I liked how you made the game more challenging with battles and so. Can't wait for more and I've always like your games since LW1 first came out, so I don't see a reason of why I shouldn't subscribe!
Okay, so I am fighting dark spawn now, and I have found 3 bugs:

1. In Ironrim mine, 2nd floor there is a metal chest. When you open it you get the item and so on, but the chest stay closed. Guess you forgot to turn on a switch or something.

2. In Unknown castle, 2nd floor there is a note. when you hit enter to read it, the note turn into a helmet on the table.

3. When fighting dark spawn I got a script error saying something about "item" "NilClass" I don't know why I got that error.

EDIT: Finished the demo now. I will write a review when all chapters is done.
Hi, thanks for the bug reports! I can fix the first two easily, though I'm still not sure what is causing script errors in battles...
I don't know RGSS3, and I don't really know what the script errors comes from.
Anyways, keep going, i'm looking forward to ep. 2

EDIT: Another bug I forgot to lis above is that when you steal with felix when you are fighting the boss in dryad's sanctum you get 1 nothing xD
So in your inventory you will have an item that says 1 without a name and description, and I don't think that's how it's supposed to be :P
Hmm, does seem as if the link's broken. Just click the "media" tab at the top of this page - you'll find the videos there instead.
found a bug don't know how to explain....when you escape from battle 2 times and the escape cut off i got an error message and the screen shutdown.