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Warning: Legionwood 2 is for seasoned RPG players! This game is hard. We mean Final Fantasy III crossed with low level Dungeons and Dragons hard. Don't anger the dice gods.

Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm is a fantasy Role Playing Game (RPG) in the style of classics like Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest and the long awaited sequel to Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords.

Playing as an elite imperial soldier trying to protect their homeland, you'll get to explore a massive, fully detailed medieval empire filled with daring adventures, outlandish treasures and dramatic conflicts. Along the way, you'll have to contend with the likes of political corruption, zombie hordes, the onset of war and a game world that changes depending on your choices and actions. Will you be the one who saves Legionwood, or will you be the one who dooms it to an age of darkness?

  • 15+ hours of classic RPG gameplay.

  • Dozens of minigames and sidequests to discover.

  • Hundreds of different character configurations.

  • Over 80 intelligent and dangerous foes.

  • Non-linear game that makes your choices count.

  • Six possible endings.

Legionwood 2 is an epic adventure spanning entire worlds and time itself for only $5.99! Purchase the game here.

Latest Blog

Legionwood 2 is finally on sale!

The day everyone a small group of hardcore fans has been waiting for is here: after almost four years of development, the full version of Legionwood 2 has finally been released. As of this very moment, the game is available to purchase from the Dark Gaia Studios website in all of its indie, SNES-style Role Playing Game glory.

As I’ve posted before, the game retails for $5.99 USD (even though I live in Australia it’s so much easier to handle online payments in American dollars) and you can pay for your copy via Paypal, credit card or wire transfer – it’s all handled securely through the game’s distributor. All purchased copies of Legionwood 2 are completely DRM-free and can be backed up on an external drive or transferred to other PCs with ease.

I’m also working on getting the game available through Desura and its associated portals. The Desura edition of Legionwood 2 is currently being evaluated and should be online within the next two weeks. By the end of March I’ll also hopefully have the game out on some of the larger RPG Maker portals such as Amaranth Games and RPG Maker Web as well.

I first started working on Legionwood 2 back in 2010 right after Legionwood 1’s release. After countless betas and even a complete rewrite in a new engine, I’m so excited that the game is finally complete and ready to be devoured by masses of hungry fans. It’s been an awesome ride working on this game and engaging with all the people who tested its various beta builds – without your feedback, it definitely wouldn’t be as good as it is today. I really hope that you enjoy Legionwood 2 and its epic continuation of the Legionwood canon.

You can start your adventure by purchasing the game or downloading the free demo here. Happy adventuring!


Yeah, I see that it would be a lot of work.
I would have waited for a volume two instead of this rushed ending, because I felt that everything in the game was perfect until then. But then again, if you're tired of making games, I really see why you decided to end it there.

If there will ever be any more games after Mythos, I will buy them, and I will play them.
After Mythos I'll be taking a break to finish off my next novel, but there will be more games coming next year. Legionwood 3 will probably emerge eventually as well.
author=Dark Gaia
After Mythos I'll be taking a break to finish off my next novel, but there will be more games coming next year. Legionwood 3 will probably emerge eventually as well.

Sweet! I really do like your games and Legionwood 2 was proof that you didn't need fancy graphics to make a great game.
I'm really looking forward to your future game( and I really need to read your novel).
Sorry if this has already been asked, but are trial version saves compatible with the full version from Steam?

And I'm not sure if this is just a problem on my end, but I've noticed the graphics and texts when I run the game through Steam look rather stretched and glitchy, is there a solution to this? Fixed it by going into full screen mode, but windowed still looks rather odd
Trial saves will work with the full version, but you have to copy/paste them to and from the respective folders yourself. I'm not sure where the Steam version keeps its saves, but if you paste the saves in there they should work just fine.

Not sure about the resolution issue on Steam as I don't use Steam and can't check it (the publisher handles the Steam end of things) but it is supposed to be in standard 640x480 resolution. Nonetheless, I have heard that RPG Maker's Windowed Mode scales a bit strangely on some monitors so full screen mode will make sure it displays the correct aspect ratio.
Thanks for the assistance, Dark Gaia. I've been very immersed in the game since then and I think it was well worth putting up with a few graphical glitches. It's a shame to read the volcano is the final dungeon as that's where I am currently, it'll be sad to end it. Are there any plans for a Legionwood 3 in the near future?
Nothing planned at the moment since I'm finishing off an unrelated game, Mythos: The Beginning, then I want to work on my second novel, but I do have a story outline for Legionwood 3 and will probably work on it late next year.
hello there admin can i just ask what is the answer in the number dial in the volcano dungeon
i am stock and i don't know what to do next
I've been playing thru Legionwood 2 again(after months of procrastinating) and I was wondering if you increased the cost of the gunner skill Bullet Time? I remember it being a really good skill since it had a fair cost and it was strong enough to be useful as a support skill but not too strong. Now it cost WAY to much to use. I think I understand why you did that, but I'm still sad since I LOVED that move(and it had an awesome name).
It did kind of need a nerf. The Steam forums were full of people asking for it. You can still use it as a support skill, but you can't afford to use it in every fight.
Thanks for an answer. Besides that little nitpick, I've been enjoying playing through the game a second with the steam version. I've just returned to ironhem(?) from that one place(didn't want to spoil) and really excited to keep playing. Happy New Year!
does this game ends where lionel joins marcus to become one of the follower?
That's one of the six endings, yes. The main plot of Legionwood 2 only deals with the rise of the Darkness (hence, Rise of the Eternal's Realm) - actually stopping the Darkness is the objective in Heroes of Legionwood.

The main purpose of the game is to establish the events leading up to the conflict in Heroes of Legionwood.
Hmm, I really liked this game, only real problem i had with it is I wish I at least got to track down *insert traitors name here* after the volcano, because that ending felt a bit rushed, and by a bit, I mean "damn that was fast" lol. Over all though, it was good, I want to learn more about this story, can't wait until Heroes of Legionwood comes out so i can finish this story that I've gotten so into. Hopefully I can learn more about the Darkness, why it does what it does, how it was created. I wanna learn exactly what the followers get out of following the Darkness. And I want to fight Cercei again, after some characterization of course, and hopefully learn more about that westholm place. The legionwood world is very interesting to me, kudos to the developer for that, not many games make a world that's interesting lol.

In other words, I'm hype for the next game lol.
Heroes of Legionwood is all about stopping the Darkness, so you'll definitely get to find out more about it. Keep in mind though, if you explore the Emperor's Citadel, you'll find Terminus who can tell you more about the Darkness' origins.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)
Neat, I just purchased off of Itchy-something or another and the entire process went so smooth. Who knew that copying a save file was that EZ ?
So far flawless.
I really am enjoying wasting my time with this as I remember the 1st LW from a while ago.
You certainly have a knack for this sort of stuff DG.
Thank you.