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Legionwood 2: Volume One full release incoming!

Ah, it almost brings a tear to my eye. After almost three years of development, the first “full version” build of Legionwood 2 has entered the beta testing phase, bringing a final commercial release ever so much closer.

Some of you may remember ages ago when I mentioned the possibility of Legionwood 2 becoming a commercial project and then a few months later when I said it most likely wouldn’t happen. Well, the time has come for me to decide once and for all how the game is to be released, and some may be disappointed (or happy — I’m not too sure) to learn that I’ve made the decision to release the full version of Legionwood 2 commercially after all.

Originally, I had every intention of keeping all future releases of the game completely free to download and play, but — to be frank — I’m no longer in much of a position to do so. As I’ve now finished university, I’m finding myself with less and less time to develop games. Up until now, I’ve been developing games in lieu of a full time job, which simply isn’t possible any longer. As such, I’ve come to the decision to turn game development into something that can sustain itself — if I can make money from selling Legionwood 2, I can support myself and justify the considerable time I devote to these projects each and every day.

And so, the details: Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal’s Realm – Volume One will be retailing for $4.99 USD from February 28th. The first of two volumes that make up two halves of the Legionwood 2 story (think Half Life 2 and its episodes), Volume One features a lengthy 12+ hour quest, an all new soundtrack (with tracks exclusive to Legionwood 2), full mouse support, an overhauled side view battle system and an emotional non-linear story.

In terms of content, Legionwood 2: Volume One contains everything that’s already in the available Beta version, with a few little enhancements and additions. As such, it probably won’t be an essential purchase for players who can’t wait to see what happens after the show down at the volcano, but it does include an extended ending scene that adds some closure to the first half of the game and shows you the consequences of the choices your party made throughout the game. There are also a couple of new sidequests, including one that hails the return of Legionwood 1‘s antagonist Terminus and details the origins of the mysterious Darkness threatening the world.

Of course, many of you guys have been fans of Legionwood since the very beginning and, until this point, have been under the impression that it wouldn’t be going commercial any time soon. Please don’t fear — the most loyal among you will have the chance to get your copies for free, with thanks for all of your support.

In the meantime, you can still play the free Beta version of the game here, and a free demo will be available to play with no time restrictions after release.


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I don't expect you to release commercial but If it means that you can continue to make games, then I'll gladly pay the price. Legionwood Tale of Two Swords was one of the first RPG maker games that I ever played and I loved that game, and Legionwood 2 was my most anticipated game of 2013. I did not say much, but I always keep my eye on this game. I'm also glad that your not one of those authors that starts making something but just stops working on it without even canceling it and just leaves us in the dust. Slowly but surely you work on the game and I hope that you will be able to keep making games.
Thanks for the kind words, macblo. I've always enjoyed making games and I'd rather continue doing it than stop. When I was younger I had much more free time to devote to it but as I move on into the "real world" (devoting time to writing novels, getting a job as a journalist) it's become harder to justify spending time working on RPG Maker games.

I really would rather have Legionwood 2 released in some form over simply abandoning it, and hopefully being able to earn a little money from it will support me as I work on more games in the future. :)
While I wasn't expecting you to make Legionwood 2 commercial. I understand your decision and will purchase the full game. I may purchase Volume 1 as well.

If going commercial is the only way you can keep making games then by all means do so. Legionwood 1 was better than many of the AAA games I have played.

What payment methods will you be accepting?

Hi Aurora.

Thanks for the understanding. And I also have some good news: there will no longer be a "Volume One". The release will now be the full game, which includes all six of the possible endings and the conclusion to the story.

At the moment, I am mainly planning to sell via Plimus, which is the service used for other commercial RM* games. I'm pretty sure they accept Paypal and credit cards.

A week or so after release, the game will also be on Desura, which may possibly have additional payment options.
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