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New Release Incoming!

Well, this is it, guys. Beta 4.0 of Legionwood 2 is finally through beta testing and all reported bugs have been addressed and finishing touches done. Aside from last couple of cutscenes (which need to be redone thanks to an accidental deletion), Act II of the game is complete and ready to upload.

It's been a long time coming, but I'm aiming for a release some time next week. I'm just waiting on my internet quota, which resets this weekend, and then I'll be uploading. It certainly has been a rush to try and fit this all in between university assignments, and I'll be glad to take a break when it's online and playable.

More announcements to come when it's actually released :)


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You the practice of self-promotion
I look forward to it! Good luck on your assignments.
Thanks! It'd be out already, except that I have to remake the whole end dungeon and cutscene for Act 2, because I did something incredibly stupid and accidentally deleted it while trying to weed out a duplicate map.

Thus, it'll take a few more days to a week :)
waiting with baited breath. I am enjoying this one so far.
People should also keep in mind that there's a host of new balancing and class/equipment tweaks in this new version, so expect that you might have to experiment a little with your character builds.
Thank you for FINALLY getting ready to release this next update. I have been checking
EVERYday no joke! Thanks again in advance for the release.
Good news, I'll keep an eye on this.
Thanks for the support everyone. A release on Friday or Saturday seems the most likely, since that's when I'll finally have a few spare hours to upload and update the game profile.
Good job on the game man! You're a hard working man, Mr. Gaia. Can't wait to play it in the future! :)
It's uploading as I type this! (it's big, so it's kinda taking a while)
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