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Beta 4.0 is live!

It's been a long time coming, but the latest release of Legionwood 2 is finally online. I fully intended for it to be out a couple of days ago, but due to all the new graphics and sound files I've added to this release it ended up having a massive file size and was taking literally forever to upload.

In any case, this new release (Beta 4.0) adds the second half of Act II to the game, along with a whole bunch of small additions, tweaks and bug fixes to existing content. Battles flow much more smoothly now several of the class combinations that were too similar in previous builds have been considerably reworked. All up, there's about 11 hours or so of gameplay in this release, and plenty of branching storylines and morality dependent events to experience.

Players who'd like to continue their save files from the previous build can do so by copying and pasting their saves into the game folder -- Beta 4.0 will detect older save files and run some brief calibrations to make them compatible with the updated scripts when the save is first loaded. On the other hand, those who'd like to start again from the beginning will find a handful of new surprises to behold, but I won't spoil them here.

Now, with all that out of the way, I'll be taking a well deserved break for a month or two to catch up on university homework -- announcements about the full release of Legionwood 2 to follow when I've recovered from everything :)


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Sounds great! Cant wait to see it in action.
Enjoy! As far as I know, it's bug free and doesn't have any showstoppers, but I had to remake the last dungeon from scratch and didn't get to test it thoroughly, so please let me know if any hiccups occur there :)
FINALLY you updated this game! I have been waiting for this game since back in...
late March early April? I have never EVER been so excited for a game! Keep up the good work and enjoy your break! You earned it!
I found a bug in the game.


Your forgot to turn the event in Khusan castle after you complete the sewer event.
if you talk to the king again you will go through the event again.
Huh? That's strange. It worked when I tested it. I'll take a look :)

EDIT: Ah, I see what happens. I thought you meant it makes you do the whole sewer quest again. Turns out I did indeed prevent the cutscene from being able to be triggered a second time. Luckily it doesn't prevent progress!
I think I found a problem...
In the volcano dungeon when you go downstairs the first time to a puzzle where you have to unlock a door, then push a rock through the door, down a passage and on to a switch.
The rock won't go through the (open) door and I am stuck in the room.
Fortunately I saved outside the room.
Did I do something wrong, or is this a bug?

Sorry, I don't have a screenshot.
Hi. It seems that's a bug. That door is meant to erase itself once open, as the rocks won't pass through active events. I've set the wrong event command while testing and forget to set it back to "Erase Event".

I'm uploading a fixed version as I type this :)
Thank you for fixing that!
But there seems to be another problem.
In the other downstairs area (on the right side of the cave), the pressure plate seems to do nothing when the rock is pushed on top of it. I assume it is supposed to open the nearby door.
Hi again,

It's been accidentally set to erase on a switch turned on by a previous event, so the event governing the pressure plate actually doesn't work if you've solved the rock puzzle on the other side of the dungeon first.

I'll fix it and upload a patch, but you can actually get around it via these methods:

1. Solve the rock puzzle in the EAST downstairs area first.
2. Open the game in the editor's playtest function, press F9, turn the switch "Volcano9" off (it's in the 180-200 range) and then turn it back on after the puzzle is completed.
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