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1. What is this game? Wasn't there already a Legionwood 2?

Yes. Some time between 2010 and 2011, I was developing a game in RPG Maker VX called Legionwood 2: Revolution in Taltarus. In reality, this game wasn't a true Legionwood sequel. Its story was unrelated to the previous game and its gameplay was very different in nature. It was essentially a completely different game branded with the Legionwood name. I cancelled it soon after the first demo was released, in favour of one day starting a true sequel that actually logically followed on from the first game's story and gameplay. This is that sequel.

2. You said this is being made in RPG Maker VX Ace. But Ace isn't out yet! What gives?

Legionwood 2 is indeed being made in RPG Maker VX Ace. While the English version is not yet out has been out for a while now, I managed to get my hands on the full Japanese version, which I translated to English with the unofficial trial translation patch that was released in December. Aside from there still being a bit of Japanese in the game scripts that I am hunting down, it works perfectly fine.

3. So what's with this being commercial? I thought Legionwood 1 was a free game!

Please read this blog post for an explanation.

4. Is the story of this game related to the first game? Do characters from the first game appear?

Legionwood 2 takes place in the Empire of Trevelle nearly 300 years after the conclusion of the first game. As such, no characters from the first game will appear, though there will be references to them. The story of Legionwood 2 is related to the events of the first game and does serve as an extension of them, though it has also been written to serve as a stand alone story and having completed the first game is not necessary.

5. This game is pretty hard! I keep dying in random encounters!

Much like the first game, Legionwood 2 is designed to be a challenge for fans of classic console style RPGs. A lot of effort has been made to give the battles a focus on strategy and effective use of character classes and skills -- enemies are intelligent and exploit strengths and weaknesses, and simply mashing "Attack" over and over will rarely win a fight. The key to winning is building a balanced party: try mixing and matching class and Runecraft combinations to make sure you have a variety of strategies for each situation.

6. How does the game's morality system work? Can I miss out on things depending on my morality?

While the first Legionwood game was pretty linear, Legionwood 2 is designed to be more dynamic, with the player's choices and actions having an effect on how the game plays out.
Depending on what you do in game, you'll receive either positive or negative morality, which will affect your party's reputation. Your reputation changes many things in the game -- certain NPC reactions, quests, rewards and story events will be different depending on your party's morality. The game is designed so that you won't be able to encounter everything in one playthrough. Try playing again with a different reputation to see it all!