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These are the entries of the first Mapping Contest. We have some great entries and they are all up for download in well.. The download. But you can also get/view each entry separately from each the tab above named "Other Entries". Give a big hand to our participants. Winners are placed here, the download contains all the submitted entries.

The goal is to create an immersive, inventive, enjoyable town. Now this doesn't have to follow the traditional sense. You could have a town in the sky, flooded yet still populated town, over grown town, mountain town, etc. The only limit, is your imagination(Haha fucken hell) truly.


I made what was supposed to be a Babylonian tileset, but it ended up becoming its own canal town thing.

My design objective was to create a single map with an integrated interior/exterior kind of like Dragon Warrior. The effect is achieved just by using a tileset swap, where the roof tiles are deleted and the exterior is darkened about 60%. It isn't seamless, but it seems to work well enough. My general philosophy on towns is to put the inn closest to the entrance for a quick save/rest and to put the primary quest giver furthest away so that by the time they're encountered the player has visited most of the map (in this case, they would be in the NE palace). Other than that, there are no frills.

The hero sprite is the kind of style I would use to populate the town if it were a finalized product. He's like 18 pixels tall or somesuch, so slightly larger than Final Fantasy 4/5 sprites.



I'm using the new RPG_RT.exe from WolfCoder's 20XX engine. I've included the old exe file in case there are problems. If you use the old exe you won't be able to see the light/shadow effects.

Description: A secluded, scenic village hidden deep within a bamboo forest.



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We have a Tie!

Congratulations to Jude & SGCN on both being our winners for the first Mapping Contest. Later in the year, new contest, new theme. Thank you to everyone who has participated and look forward to the next one!


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(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
@Jude : your map is really original and fun! great job.

@Stedar : I can't download your map without getting mixed up in a premium ad, no way out or I'm doing something wrong...? Unless your map weighs 71... Mos?

@SGCn : d3dx9.dll is missing, can't open your map.
Btw I haven't mapped a town or really anything for about a year or two so im still getting into the hang of things. Constructive criticism would be great.
Really fun map, I felt like I was playing an actual adventure game, not just walking through a town map contest. Awesome.

Really beautiful map, well put together, easily navigable, believable town.

Made me jealous of my lack of mapping skills. Liked the story line behind it, reminded me of Corel Village from FFVII. Tons of passability errors, but otherwise an extremely pretty map.

Huge town, had fun chopping the pots with my sweet martial arts skills. Really immersive, tons of NPC's and things to see. A few bugs, but overall a nice town.

Some nice ideas behind this map, but it was really empty feeling, could have used more variation in the buildings.

Lotus Games:
Really liked the overall 'mood' of this map. You could tell something sinister was brewing somewhere in there. Enjoyed the cutscene, but felt like it dragged on a little too long.

I liked the atmosphere of the town. The whole scene was pretty interesting. I found where the kid was hiding! A few mapping errors that led to some strange stuff but I liked the map.

My vote:SGCN

It was a close one, I really really liked Jude and Melkino's maps too, but SGCN seemed to capture what the contest was about the most while having the least (I didn't notice any), errors. Enjoyed the whole experience though.
Okay I'll note the empty ness.

Btw are contestants allowed to vote?
@Chana: Hmm that's strange. Is there a file called D3DX9_43.dll in the project folder? You may need to download the latest version of WolfCoder's 20XX engine here: http://rpgmaker.net/games/2664/

Copy the contents into the project directory and overwrite any old files and see if it works. You will want to use the exe named "wcrpg2kxe.wide.exe". The latest version that was released not too long ago allows you to change the video size with ALT + 1-4
I'll re-edit my map b4 I put it in my game, ill try to get rid of the empty feeling. Also is there anything you thing else you think i should correct or change in my map?
@ TPA and SGCN: Thank you both so much for the reviews and also thank you to everyone else who took the time to play through my map, Haven.

I've been playing/played through most of these maps and you guys all did a fantastic job. A lot of good effort was clearly put into all of these maps. And it has been and is a pleasure competing with all of you. So Jude, tpasmall, SGCN, Melkino, Stedar, IKEH4X, Kazesui thank you guys/gals very much. Also thank you Tau for putting all of these up.

That being said I would like to see more people outside of the contestants reviewing and playing these, it'd be nice if the RMN community was actually involved and not just a couple of members and the contestants.
Alrighty, I played through all of them and here's some feedback for each.

Jude: The tilesets are well-made, and riding on the raft was a cute detail. :)

tpasmall: I think this town would look better if you shrink the map and move the buildings closer together. Maybe try out some groupings of trees as well?

SGCN: The music really fit the theme, and the layout was nicely varied. I played with the 2k3 exe, because the 20XX one acted oddly on my computer--very slow, and strange textboxes kept popping up. Some had single digit-numbers, others were empty. Dunno why, though...

Stedar: The NPCs walking around and stuff add a lot of life to it. There's a passability error with the short palm tree-looking bushes where the character can walk through them.

IKEH4X0r1337: This one feels large and empty. The buildings could be moved closer together, and trees and other plants can improve the map.

Lotus_Games: I love the tint and lighting effects in this one. :D Unfortunately, the map was pretty laggy on my computer even with the tree effects turned off and other apps closed.

Kazesui: Charming mood, and I liked how the music would fade out when you're far away. I found a weird mapping error in the lower right where the ground just...stops, showing the moon panorama. :o

My vote: Jude
I really like how clean it looks, and the raft made me want to explore the town!
SGCN: The music really fit the theme, and the layout was nicely varied. I played with the 2k3 exe, because the 20XX one acted oddly on my computer--very slow, and strange textboxes kept popping up. Some had single digit-numbers, others were empty. Dunno why, though...

Hey thanks for playing my map :) The 20XX engine is still in beta but the game seems to work fine on my end. Mind sharing what some of the error messages say so I can pass it on to WolfCoder?
Aha yes, I noticed the staircase thing. Sorry guys. There are a few things where I played it afterwards and facepalmed because I found stuff I didn't find earlier.

The file is 70+mb, if that's what you were wondering chana. It's the entire current game, but only the one map is playable. If you look closely around the advertisements there should be a real download link there.
SGCN: The music really fit the theme, and the layout was nicely varied. I played with the 2k3 exe, because the 20XX one acted oddly on my computer--very slow, and strange textboxes kept popping up. Some had single digit-numbers, others were empty. Dunno why, though...
Hey thanks for playing my map :) The 20XX engine is still in beta but the game seems to work fine on my end. Mind sharing what some of the error messages say so I can pass it on to WolfCoder?

No problem! I took a screenshot of an empty textbox. After replaying the map a few times, the box would slide in from the right on its own without any input and stays there:

As for the boxes with numbers in them, I wasn't able to grab a shot because it kept flashing away so quickly, heh. It happened soon after loading but stopped after a little bit. It looked like some kind of save screen, but I've never used 20XX so I'm not really sure.
Liked finding the Kudos in the chests. But props for the custom work, really made me feel like I was playing a DW port to the DS. In terms of the structure it was nice, really clean and uniform feeling.

Great map, had some problems with it initially but I eventually got it to run. The atmosphere caught my eye and I feel everything flowed together well in this map.

Mood and construction were great, some passibility problems, for the most part one of my favorites.

The town was huge, liked the little task you could do. In terms of construction this is some of your best work, town definitely felt as if the NPCs were living there. However for future reference random movement makes more of a clutter of NPCs roaming that a bustling city. Try making animations instead for some of the NPCs.

Liked the construction but was a little too vast.

Lotus Games:
Good map, even better mood. The mood and the feeling of this map really caught my attention. The problem for me was the lag, as said be some other members, while it wasnt too big of an hindrance it really weighed this map down in terms of playability. Cut scene was nice, but I'm ADD so its pretty tough for me to site through, liked the animated fireflies they added to the despair of the map.

Cool to see what DYNRPG has to offer, definitely something I am going to use in the future. I liked the music and the ranged sound system, the particle effects were really cool, the mindless zombie basically described the effect of the fireworks on my mind.

Vote: This was a tough decision, a many of the maps stood out to me and did what they were intended to do but I will say SGCN's maps stood out the best. Good job all of you.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Stedar : so yes, got it, couldn't imagine it was 71+ Mos...). Real crowded, varied, bustling town, liked it.

SCGN : yes, a great map, a town really set in the countryside, with trees, grass, nature everywhere, but very well balanced so the feel of a town is kept. Very nice.

Melkino : very pretty, interesting, maybe a bit dispersed to really give the feel of a town.

Tpasmail : I liked the house, well done, but too many empty spaces and a lack of variety.

Lotus_Games : some really beautiful screenshots here and there, but the story was so present, it hid the town.

Kazesui : I really liked your map very much, a festive night in a small town, it was quite accurate, it actually resembled lived experiences. Bravo for the fireworks!

IKEHA4Xor : some nice things but yes it was a bit empty.

Jude : just roaming around the town, by boat what's more, was really fun, not a single error (of course!), not to mention the very interesting inside-outside system, I also found the watery parts very pretty.

I hesitated between Jude's and SCGN's map, but decided that giving real fun just by roaming around a town was a feat, so my vote goes to Jude.

About Kazesui's game: Because some of you said "nice to see what DynRPG can do": Actually, Kazesui didn't use a single plugin. I think he just needed to 2000 pictures. :-)

For example, he uses very big (and slow) common events for angle calculations... he could have used a DynRPG like http://cherrytree.at/download/?did=23 or a custom one for that. With a custom plugin he could have put all calculations and all picture graphics into the plugin and thus reducing the lag to zero :-)
It's true that I didn't use any plugins for this map, I merely needed some extra pictures, and the DynRPG patch lags less than the HyperPatcher2 alternative.

The common events used for the calculations aren't that big though, since the ones actively used are only doing a quick lookup in a LUT, and thus not that heavy. I think it's more an issue of there just being too much on the screen rather than the ongoing calculations (50 picture per effect).

I'm looking into making a particle effects plugin though, which should probably reveal how much more efficient it would really be.
Oh I just had a look at the others and played some games and realized how bad I had gotten, I haven't played a game for about a year or two... Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I'll keep it in mind for years to come.

BTW is there going to be another mapping contest soon, like as in next week?
Don't suppose there's any chance of a .rar/.zip file with all the entries in?
Melkino's simply steals the show
Bum: *Burp*

Anyway, my vote goes to Jude. (Kudos)
did someone say angels
SGCN's won't run for me. =/
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