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These are the entries of the first Mapping Contest. We have some great entries and they are all up for download in well.. The download. But you can also get/view each entry separately from each the tab above named "Other Entries". Give a big hand to our participants. Winners are placed here, the download contains all the submitted entries.

The goal is to create an immersive, inventive, enjoyable town. Now this doesn't have to follow the traditional sense. You could have a town in the sky, flooded yet still populated town, over grown town, mountain town, etc. The only limit, is your imagination(Haha fucken hell) truly.


I made what was supposed to be a Babylonian tileset, but it ended up becoming its own canal town thing.

My design objective was to create a single map with an integrated interior/exterior kind of like Dragon Warrior. The effect is achieved just by using a tileset swap, where the roof tiles are deleted and the exterior is darkened about 60%. It isn't seamless, but it seems to work well enough. My general philosophy on towns is to put the inn closest to the entrance for a quick save/rest and to put the primary quest giver furthest away so that by the time they're encountered the player has visited most of the map (in this case, they would be in the NE palace). Other than that, there are no frills.

The hero sprite is the kind of style I would use to populate the town if it were a finalized product. He's like 18 pixels tall or somesuch, so slightly larger than Final Fantasy 4/5 sprites.



I'm using the new RPG_RT.exe from WolfCoder's 20XX engine. I've included the old exe file in case there are problems. If you use the old exe you won't be able to see the light/shadow effects.

Description: A secluded, scenic village hidden deep within a bamboo forest.



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We have a Tie!

Congratulations to Jude & SGCN on both being our winners for the first Mapping Contest. Later in the year, new contest, new theme. Thank you to everyone who has participated and look forward to the next one!


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SGCN's won't run for me. =/

Can you describe what happens when you try to run it? Screencaps would help too. You can try running the RPG_RTold.exe but it'll run without the bells and whistles.
did someone say angels
As soon as I open it, it fades out and I get the typical Windows 7 "not responding" dialog box. The old exe seems to work fine, though.
Yeah, the rm20xx version didn't work for me either, it always just freezes at the title.
That sucks. The map was made using v.071B so perhaps you can try to download the newest version (v0.72B) here: http://rpgmaker.net/games/2664/

Just copy the contents of the zip file into the project the directory and overwrite the old files and run the widescreen version (wcrpg2kxe.wide.exe). Hopefully it works.
So what's going on with this thing anyway?
RMN sex symbol
Yeah sorry guys, been hella busy lately. Results up tomorrow though!
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