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The Town of Caudine

Caudine is a town situated in a valley at the base of the Sardisian Mountains, on the
island of Carmine.

It represents the northernmost part of the Lucerian Kingdom, though seperated by the
Sea of Iberanius. It is a small community that doesn't have much interaction with the
rest of the kingdom, as it's inhabitants are fairly self reliant and live off the land.(Further description in the project folder)



Description: The small, abandoned town of Shenhazzar was once populated by drow (dark elves). When humans discovered the city, they forced the drow to leave. However, the drow cursed the land before they left, tainting the plantlife a sickly purple and the water a toxic green. The rainwater is also poisonous. The undrinkable water forced the humans to leave the town as well. The only people who come by this place now are adventurers looking for easy loot, but it's cursed and they can't take any of it.



I hope you don't mind but the file will be rather large, I didn't have enough time to transfer it and all the necessary files to a new project, so it's the entire game (I moleboxed it though). Only the one map is accessible.

This is a port town on the southwest coast of Larcia. A recent bridge collapse has caused the town to be inaccessible (except for our adventurous heroes). There are many stalls and salesmen throughout the city as it is heaven for merchants!



A peaceful little fishing town on the shoreline of Emulacrealiym; a little fishing island. Once filled with people now filled with fish. Even though populated it is still a very abandoned place.


Lotus Games:

Lotus Games Presents: Haven (RMN Mapping Contest)

Original link (with .avi file): http://www.mediafire.com/?jpl39hqp702aix1
Updated link (without .avi file): http://www.mediafire.com/?2qwub5c47c93nub

Notes from Lotus Games:
-You need RM2k3 RTP (Run Time Package) to run this game.
-Close other heavy processes/applications while the game is open to reduce lag.
-You can press the SHIFT button to turn the dynamic trees on or off. It is coded so that if the player is moving, it is automatically turned off (My logic behind this was that while moving, it's hard to tell dynamic trees are on anyways and so to reduce lag, it turns off when in motion. If it is turned on, the code checks to see if the hero is standing still for a second before turning the dynamic trees on). Again press shift to switch between (coded on) or (completely off).


This is a small mountain town which is currently celebrating a festival at night. There are mages creating fireworks in the sky, and singing and dancing on a stage, for the sake of good mood for all who participates.