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Played, Playing, and to Play.

Played: The Drunken Paladin, by Anebriate 5/5
My 5 star review of this game by no means says this game is flawless. Like any game, it has enough flaws.
Solitayre's review stunned me for a moment and gave me the feeling my review lacked credibility. We really scored the game differently for sharing a lot of the same opinions. What it does say is that I had an excellent time playing this game and no present flaw took away from my enjoyment of it. Call it overhyped if you will, maybe I can agree with you. It goes definitely recommended, and most people should consider it worthy to at least be called good. I say its awesome.

Playing: Epiquest, by ShortStar
I don't know; I just started playing. Promising so far.

Recommended Subscription: Project Questing, by Pladough
I was not aware of this project until today. It features clean, attractive and pretty imaginative mapping plus some quest based gameplay. I am keeping this one on watch.


The word of the week is "hiatus".

Project VF is back in action after an unannounced hiatus and 7 months of sidetracking on my new Forever Across Dreams game. Hollywood released an awesome movie called Inception that shared a few too many ideas in common with FAD2. It pretty much killed my drive because my story did not feel so special anymore and worried my game would be considered too derivative. Seriously, I had no idea this movie was coming. That game will one day be made with an altered plot. All is fine and well, because VF seems to have had a surge in interest as of late. This game appears to have more relevance to both my friends and followers. I missed working on this.

Hiatus #2 (over): Lys seems to have come back to the community. Welcome back, you are one of the greats. Line's End, please.

Hiatus #3 (over): Pladough has returned to working on Project Questing. I did not even know I missed him.
This project looked like it flew a little under the radar but looks really good. I think its a matter of time before the community takes a lot more notice.

Haitus #4(begins): Kentona announced his return to IRL in Snews #20. This one is pretty sad because he is so strongly connected to the site. The man is like everywhere- through the forums, MIRC, game development, and his articles. RMN would really be different without Kentona's involvement. Snews is
one of my favorite things on the site. He is really good at finding the more interesting happenings in the community. I hope this break he is taking isn't all too long.

For a long time I have followed the community while not being all that involved. Being involved is really important and makes this a place members enjoy coming to. It's one thing to remain low key working on Project Super Awesome, but that is missing a lot of the experience this place offers. RMN is not only my best site for game making but one of my favorite on the web. I owe that to many excellent and dedicated RMN community members.



I want to tell Darken how much I appreciate his involvement in the development of VF as of late. He has pretty much been my go-to guy when I need an opinion on something. I really value his input and regard him highly as a talented game maker. Like me, he is a perfectionist who gets things done at a snail's pace. Just poking fun at you, man. Thanks for listening to me ramble on at 5AM in the morning when I make almost no sense.

Also much thanks for redesigning the sprite for the main character. I was so tired of people calling her Aeris.
I think she looks great.


I am eating a cinnamon roll...

But no one cares about that...

The first thing I would like to do in this blog is show my appreciation for the people who made the site. This includes WIP, Holbert, and the people who whose voices are also helping develop RMN. Of course, appreciation also goes to the crowd we have here that makes RMN a great place to be and continues the enthusiasm for amature game making. What's more, the makers of most all my favorite games gather here, you all have some skills.

I just have to plug the game "Three the Hard Way" by Iishenron, because it is the best and I do not recommend anyone missing out on it. If you praise graphics above all else, the game might not be for you. For those who can look past that, you will get a very immersive experience.

One thing I would like to see is more discussions about each others' games. Some of the really good games do not even have discussion on them? What's up with that?
I feel like I can safely say we are all releasing our games with some hope of responses. Let's discuss, people.

My game Verlena Frequency has just been introduced and I am well into development.
I am working hard to make it very diverse from what you are accustomed to playing.
Though it follows many jrpg conventions, I think this game will fill in a niche.

Also, I have started an amature "gaming company" called Parallel Process. As the name implies, it will be about people working on their own projects alongside each other while helping each other out. With everyone doing their best to make a quality submission, hopefully people can expect that a Parallel Process game is likely to be good. Not sure how this will go over, but if you are interested in being a part of this, send an RMN message.
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