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Played, Playing, and to Play.

Played: The Drunken Paladin, by Anebriate 5/5
My 5 star review of this game by no means says this game is flawless. Like any game, it has enough flaws.
Solitayre's review stunned me for a moment and gave me the feeling my review lacked credibility. We really scored the game differently for sharing a lot of the same opinions. What it does say is that I had an excellent time playing this game and no present flaw took away from my enjoyment of it. Call it overhyped if you will, maybe I can agree with you. It goes definitely recommended, and most people should consider it worthy to at least be called good. I say its awesome.

Playing: Epiquest, by ShortStar
I don't know; I just started playing. Promising so far.

Recommended Subscription: Project Questing, by Pladough
I was not aware of this project until today. It features clean, attractive and pretty imaginative mapping plus some quest based gameplay. I am keeping this one on watch.