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I'm done. I've already published your article for your product in RMN community (http://rpgmaker.net/ )
The report isn't ready yet.
I'm waiting for further instructions.

Live TN:NT
Utbildningsradion AB.

Original message
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Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2012 10:07:24 -0300
∞ corp post-mortem marketing department (UNDEFINED@d0.org.afilias-nst.org)
Tuesday, January 17, 2012 8:07 AM
Utbildningsradion AB Live TN:NT module (live_tnnt_c775f0bbba9@ur.se)
Hit the High (Ad) Spots Entry

I attached with this mail ,the article (NG_0078-ENGLISH) for main product "Marbleen Hipowtohlouw: Nimin Gaviag." and a downloadble copy of it. Please, publish it in some internet community of your choice, and send me a report of the results.
I've waiting your answer.

Post-mortem marketing department.
∞ corp.

Attached Files:
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Marbleen Hipowtohlouw: Nimin Gaviag.

Good afternoon excecutives, traders and gentleman.

Today, we present you, and wonderful experience, who changed the way of do cognitive communication bewteen human/PC 25 years ago, now ported to popular game engine RPGツクールVX for PC-Windows.

General info:
Title: Marbleen Hipowtohlouw: Nimin Gaviag.
Developed by: (?)
Language: Neutral
Port, re-make, and post-testing: ∞ corp.
Distributed by: Utbildningsradion AB
Plataform: RPG Maker VX
Size: 18.5 MB (comprimido).
Time: 829.416.221.043 Lips.
Genre: Otros (Recursive TV Embeded XT-4111 role playing game?, Emergency Broadcasting X-client?).

Some history:

Marbleen Hipowtohlouw: Nimin Gaviag it's a forgotten relic from computer science and telecomunications research. It's existence came from app. 1985 in the cold war. Inside a lab from an unknown bunker from some unknown place of center of Europe, sciencists will developing a wonderful encrypted communicatios protocoll, with some medium-powered personal computers ( for that age); it can be communicate bewteen other computers kilometers ago. This network, known as Marbleen Hipowtohlouw, was used for sovietic and allies enginners and sciencists to change data and waste the free time, with homebrew software writed from and for themeselves. The most famous software of there, the mysterious Nimin Gaviag, was a copule of strange but fresh ideas and concepts, and of course, a point of fun for all Marbleen Hipowtohlouw users around the secret labs of Europe. But, the central node of the Marbleen Hipowtohlouw was misteriously dissapeared, and the Nimin Gaviag developers was torturated and murdered. This software was unknown to all people... until today.

Nimin Gaviag:
∞ corp. was worked hard to investigate, rebuild and testing this misterious software from the unknown mentioned labs. And now you will have it in your hands!: Marbleen Hipowtohlouw: Nimin Gaviag it's a exact recreation of the program. It contains different screen profiles and interactive visual backgrounds with high definition audio. Everything with the fabolous technology of Oracle P.170, who it forbid you take attention around you to focalise in the game tottaly without interrumptions. Nimin Gaviag brings you to a new universe, who will never must be known. All this was programmed with the popular well-known game engine RPGツクールVX.

Obtain Nimin Gaviag:
You can download freely our game. Just follow the steps in RMN web to download it

Thanks to try another ∞ corp. production

End of file

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C: All of the above.
it is about time, rmn will now taste true art
This reminds me of Asylum of Pain and Pleasure.
We are welcome to Great Intruder, Marbleen Hipowtohlouw. Our societies has too long languished in pre-transistive state. Substantationally, please to be deciding the progression of cognitive thought.
/me waits for a reviewer to come back alive before playing.
so this game spilled my drink im not happy about that

like the game itself physically tipped over my glass (it was quality booze im so pissed off)

1/5 would not play again
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ De-facto operator of the unofficial RMN IRC channel.

This could be intentional for all I know, but this was blatantly ripped for this game. The same goes for Realism Fighter, which is from Ashens as well.
Off course... there are port's :)
(Of course, the game has many credits, but are ommited for creppy things... the box for example, is from Ninja Gaiden xbox CD case).

If you want to know them, just tell me.
Off course... there are port's :)
(Of course, the game has many credits, but are ommited for creppy things... the box for example, is from Ninja Gaiden xbox CD case).

If you want to know them, just tell me.

Oh, alright. Just as long as you didn't try to claim credit, it should be fine. Maybe put the credits somewhere on the game page so that they don't get in the way of the crazy tone of the game?

Speaking of which, while I wasn't... exactly sure what I had played when I finished this, I really liked the crazy windows system scroll and the use of sound in this. It was legitimately creepy. The Russian error boxes at the end were pretty great, too.

Though I'm not sure what the inverted queen was supposed to accomplish. Even more so than the rest of the madness in here.
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