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Resident Evil Demake its like name says, the first Resident Evil made like running in a NES in 2D, the graphics and music have a 8bit style.
The main mode with Jill is a shooter game, similar to the original game but in 2D.
There's new game modes like one for Chris with some RPG features.
Many graphics are self-made, seeing the original game and making the sprites.
I also made new music for some scenes.

Status: WIP - Betatesting main mode
Languages: English and Spanish (soon)

Main author: gadesx

Latest Blog

Game finished, starting with betatesting

The past month I finished the game, now I'm sending
the game to some testers for fix bugs and maybe soon
I will publish the game.
  • Production
  • gadesx
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Action RPG
  • 02/22/2012 09:13 PM
  • 12/25/2019 09:03 PM
  • N/A
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the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
This is really badass looking man!
I love the original and this looks pretty true to it, in graphics and the gameplay. :)

Make it scary!
Looks amazing. Hope to see a demo soon.
Good luck, my man!
Resident Evil rules. 2 and 4 are the bestest, but the first one is also awesome.
RMN sex symbol
Pretty well done so far, looking forward to it.
Wow, this honestly looks pretty darn amazing! Subbed~ ;D
Looks pretty cool I'll definitely give it a go when there's a download :)
i'll be looking out for a download :)
Still checking this game every once and a while hoping there's a download <3
it is in progress, and many early images now have other design.
Status: The latest maps are from the guardhouse and the map of the shark,
some new sprites made it as the shark, the plant42 roots that attack you,
the puzzle that you have to make for enter in the little laboratory for
make the v-jolt, etc
here a sample of that:
New demo in the download section

-Door transition screens should have correctly colored doors. Like going through a brown door should have a brown door transition.

-Why does Jill have a photo face that has been bitcrushed? Sprite something for it!

-The combat needs a tutorial of sorts. I shouldn't need to look up an external readme for it.

-A locked door makes too quiet of a noise. Make it louder.
-Barry follows you weird. Use a follower event for that. There are tutorials on the site.

-When you talk to Barry and get the lockpick, he takes one step, waits, and disappears.

-Why is there a save box if I can just save from the menu?

-There's an event to the left of where the guy pops out of the closet that says something in a foreign language and disappears. Odd.

-Keeper's Diary has some messed up letters.

-The intense battle music plays even if you solve the young to old puzzle correctly.

-If you leave the room after the dog bursts through the window, but don't kill it, it'll be stuck in the window when you return.

-When I exited to the left of the dog window room a couple of times I randomly died. Huh?
After investigating it turns out the dog fixes itself if you exit this way and I died during the door transition.

-Make it so events stop during door transitions.

-Jill is completely invincible if you mash the shoot button. I guess the enemies take constant knockback, which is nice.

-The carpet leading into doors in the purple carpet room cuts off and looks really ugly.

-Bloody bodies have a grey box around them. Ok?

-Gardening tools are the exact shade of brown as the background.

-What do maps do? I pick them up and nothing happens. They're not even in the inventory. This really sucks because it's so hard to remember where you are.

-The textbox windows stays up after you get the shotgun ammo in the broken shotgun room. It stops once you leave though.

-The snake has a ridiculous attack range.

I'm aware it's a demo, so of course it's not perfect. Never played the original, but this was pretty fun.
The IA of the enemies its in progress, so there is some zombies with the new IA like the ones in the corridor out of the pictures puzzle, and other ones with the older IA that stay stopped if you press the aim button.
This is awesome,i initially tought it was gonna be a comedy mixed game because of the title,but it really is the game itself.

I usually hook up my pc on my sd tv and plug in a joypad just to play this kind of game and i gotta say it's very promising,just wish there was a way to shoot n' reload without xpadder,but anyway,lookin' forward for this one! Ya' know,its kind hard to find a really fun game for my taste nowadays... xD
I loved the demo man! It's exactly how I remember the original being, dialogue and all, though with a more old-school nostalgic feel.

I usually did many playthroughs of the original first game so I have a pretty good memory of where the maps are and what they look like, and I must say you nailed that right on the spot, everything was just right on target! I loved it and I can't wait to see what else you have stored :)
I'm sure it's just my Avast, but I just thought I should let you know, when I personally downloaded it, Avast told me there was a Threat Detected, so I don't know if it's just my avast or if it's the download. Sorry though, I just thought I'd tell you I had a problem with the download.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
I had no problems with viruses, it was a smooth download.

Still need to play though!
Its a false positive, because the demo is moleboxed
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