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Some changes here and there

Mostly some game design changes, some nice people gave me their input on PrinPrin 1.5 and what they liked and what I should change.

One of them is the Press A to active conversation and the gab windows. After talking to them and the reasons why they prefer it, I have made all the gabs to Press A's for focus-sake and completely skippable without taking away your attention. It also made me a bit more creative to how the portraits are moving and so on. (I scripted guys, omg!) :)

Number Two, I decided to make a lot of tutorials that you can access optionally or discover them on your own. I really like the idea of Old school RPGs where you discover new things and exploit them. And I really, really, REAAALLLY hate spoonfeeding. But not everyone is like that so I added it!

Number Three, we finally finished designing the final boss...100% including hard mode. Good luck guys!

And that's it for now. Chiao :)


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Sounds pretty cool. The tips seem nice.
I did make some input! YAY!
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