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All for the mushrooms.
  • Archeia_Nessiah
  • Added: 04/08/2012 08:41 AM
  • Last updated: 01/17/2017 09:05 AM


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She's got the moves like jagger
I think she is so adorable. ^^ Fungi for the win! ^^
Ohhhh Naia, you and your silly magic mushroom addiction...
I think she is so adorable. ^^ Fungi for the win! ^^

She only dates fun guys!
Fun guys.


That's where I was going :D

Anyone play Chrono Cross?
I got it Decky. Don't worry. Your lame jokes were understood by someone~
I should warn you for that post :P
Those little weapon-wielding sprites are so awesome ;_;
You wouldn't do that! You like me too much! <3

But yes, those weildy sprites are rather epic. And may I just add that that fight is just as epic, if not more so?
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Is it okay if I give her Myconids in place of mushrooms?
They're still fungi so they count. She'll consume them with no reserve.
When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
ill give u my mushroom tip
They...do not look happy.
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