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Major "Role" Changes coming to Lithia!

  • Camupins
  • 02/28/2012 01:09 AM

Hello all! Just in time for the coming release of the v1 Demo for Lithia, a new Role enters the game! Say hello to the Support Role. This Role is the only one in the game capable of raising party stats in unique ways, adding extra effects to their skills. They are capable of using bows and guns, giving them even more skills to use and more unique Overdrive skills.

Also coming AFTER the v1 Demo, Class Change! After a certain part in the game, players will be able to upgrade their characters. Below is a list of v2 Classes coming:

Muse ---> Gun Muse

Duelist ---> Master Duelist

Brawler ---> Fighter

Gambler ---> Card Master

Creationist ---> Elemental

Puppeteer ---> Entertainer

Support ---> Nothing
(Support is just a temporary class to test different Roles in the game along with the Gun script I put in. So, it WILL NOT be in the v2 Demo.)


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I'm guessing you're not including Supports because Muses can heal? :o

Also a Gun Muse is pretty funny, lol watch me sing whilst you get blown full of holes! xD
O Sana! xD

Gun Muses are supposed to be elegant. They can still use their song magic while being able to twirl around and shoot the hell out of their enemies. :)

And no thats not why. With the class upgrades coming, one of the classes will be getting a MAJOR healing revamp and be able to support allies. Plus, they were just a test for guns and their ammunition.
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