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Oh my god the v1 Demo is here!

  • Camupins
  • 03/01/2012 10:25 PM
The Lithia v1 Demo is finally here! It is now up up for vote on being available so stay tuned. Please note, this is only the first demo. If there are any mistakes or concerns with the game, please report them to Camupins.

"I really hope everyone enjoys the Demo. It is my first game so don't expect TOO much from it. I have high expectations for the final result. Thanks for everyone who supported."


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Woo~ Should be exciting to see the completed demo. ^o^
Yup! Has all the fixes u and my other tester explained to me~ I even cleaned up Matt's face art. Btw, when the project is completed, all u testers will be presented with a side-story if you really want it~ Just a little thanks. I already have the WHOLE thing planned out~
A side story? Alright lol, let me know when it's ready. :)
A side story? Alright lol, let me know when it's ready. :)

Well, maybe I will work on it after the Demo is approved. Then after awhile of people trying it, I will keep working on Lithia. I hope the side-story comes out good~
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