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Production of v1.5 Demo

  • Camupins
  • 03/04/2012 01:23 PM
Today I will be starting the production of the Lithia v1.5 Demo. This demo will include a lot of fixes that people have pointed out. Here are just a few things to expect from the update:

-No more random battles; Enemies will roam the map and block your path
-More story reveals (Because hardly any of the plot is revealed)
-Support character enters the roster (You need to find her first)
-More content (The v1 Demo was about 30 min long and the time will probably extend to about an hour)
-More things to do; Gonna add a gambling mini-game, Rank D and C of the Arena, and collection quests
-Fixing of the "Ruins Switch Puzzle"


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Aw, changed it just for me? I'll give it another try!

Haha, you weren't the only one who complained about it so I figured, put some monsters on the map people can avoid unless they want to level up, which they'll need to do anyway just to beat bosses~
Aw, changed it just for me? I'll give it another try!
Yup! I've already had a complaint so I just figured, screw it, DEATH TO ALL THE MONSTERS!!!
Lol, no more random battles eh? I tried that out myself, but I felt like I was missing something...oh yeah the surprise and irritation of random battles~ xD
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