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A Deal For You All

  • Camupins
  • 03/06/2012 05:05 PM
I'll make a little deal for EVERYONE that has tried the current v1 Demo of Lithia. If I can get at least 50 downloads by the time the Lithia Side-Story is ready for it's own demo, I will include it with the Lithia v1.5 Demo.

The Side-Story was originally for my Testers, but I was thinking of letting it out to the public for fun purposes. The Side-Story includes a lot more things than the original game, so I think of it as a kind of treat. A demo for the Side-Story will be complete in the next 2-3 days, so hurry if you wanna try it!


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Lol found this one site that I just LOVE!!! xD And don't worry about being VIP. Ur obviously going to get more than the ordinary folk. xD
Aww~ lol I wanted to be a vip. xD

Like that new logo btw, it's flashy! *o*
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