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Production continues!? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!?

Hello all Lithia lovers and current Online Forces lovers! I am happy to announce that due to more technical difficulties with Online Forces test function, I will continue to work on the first Lithia. Production on the Side-Story however, will possibly be picked up later. For now, I am having testers find bugs on the next demo, then I will release it to all you people out there. Here are just a few things I plan on changing in the full game compared to the demo:

-SBS instead of default front view
-more content (duh!)
-better party system
-Mine Cart minigame
-And lots more!

I hope you will all join me when it comes to trying out Lithia again. Wish me best of luck as I attempt to due my best. Till next time players, happy hunting~


Work on my new project!

Since putting both Lithia projects on hold, I can try to start a new one to get into the spirit. I want it to be about an online world where you can pretty much do anything. It's alot cooler in my head... But anyway, I kinda need some walls/roofs for the exterior + interior of buildings. Now, it's going to be futuristic so I was wondering if anyone had tilesets for that or knew of good ones. I'd love it if someone could send some ideas or something to me.


Put on Hold...

Both Lithia projects are being put on hold until later on because frankly, I'm getting a bit bored and really don't feel like working on them right now...

Game Design

A New Ending BGM~

Here is the song I'm hoping to use for the end of Lithia "A Past Unheard:"

I adore this artist and the song is actually giving me ideas for my game. Thinking of making "Zero Gravity" the second home base after Allarmim. Hope you all enjoy the song~

Progress Report

Fighting off a Fever

Sorry to those who have been expecting a Demo update, but I've been so sick for the past few days. Hopefully I can get some testers to help me tomorrow. :p

Game Design

Change in Battle System

I made a few changes to the Final Fantasy 13 battle system. By using Sky's Party Management Script, you can now change your party, giving you more freedom to who you play as during battle. (Default is Mimi) Of course, you can only use this function if you have more than 4 party members. Now, I need your opinion guys, should I delete the script? Because if I keep it, you will no longer be able to access the Role Change menu, making all characters "Attackers." Now, there has gotta be some way to keep both, so I will have to work on it just a bit. Here is a screen from the party menu:

Now, this will also make it easier, considering all skills will be transferred to the "Attacker" role. So, lets say your Mimi; You will now be able to use more than Dual Strike as an Attacker and will be able to use Fire and Heal as well at Level 1. I hope to get a few opinions on this. If I keep it, it's not like major changes are gonna be implemented, just stuff like the Role Change will be gone.


The Past Now Heard

Hello to all who played the Lithia V1 Demo! Guess what? Lithia: The Past Unheard Demo is done! That's right, done! I will be submitting the download as soon as my testers have completed it for you guys. In the Demo, 5 characters will be revealed! (3 main characters, only 1 being playable, and 2 secret characters) I'm hoping all will enjoy the Demo when it comes out. :)


Create a Character Event!

Hello all Lithia lovers! I need more secret characters for Lithia: The Past Unheard. So, because I need these secret characters, I'm giving you the players a chance to create your own character for me that you would like to be in the game! If you enter this event and post a sprite, please also post a faceset for it. Only a few will be selected~ Good luck! (I hope a lot of people enter~)


So many delays...

Sorry to all Lithia players who are expecting alot for the next release. V1 Demo will be moving up to V1.1 and the new Lithia "The Past Unheard," will be included along with the main game. Both games are in Demo status and will be worked on constantly. I'm working towards The Past Unheard first because I have been experiencing some problems with multi-enemy skills such as Ms. Nix's Ghastly skill. With the Demo, only 4-5 characters will be revealed, but only 3 can be fully played (Mimi, Shar, and a Secret Character).


I need help!

For some reason, I can't edit any of the pages for my game! It said I can't have more than 6 primary pages and right now, that's all I have... But it won't even let me edit them! Anyone know what could be wrong...?
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