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Back from the Weekend

Hello all Lithia followers! I am finally back from vacation and am ready to get back to work on both Lithia projects. I already have created a very nice class, new bosses, and new areas! Hoping that both Demos will be done by this weekend and will be available for download. Can't wait to see you all~


Need some Opinions

I need some people to tell me how many episodes I should include in Lithia: The Past Unheard. I want to accept all ideas, but be aware, I currently only have 5 main characters. I CAN make more, but it will be some time before I can create more custom ones.


A New Name For The Side-Story

As of now, the Lithia Side-Story is offically "Lithia: The Past Unheard." Heres the new title just for it~


Project Destroyed...

My Lithia projects are possibly destroyed. I just went to start RPG Maker VX and keep getting an error. I can't afford another copy so I doubt I can continue to work on these two games... I'm very upset with this, and unless I can get the client to work, both projects will be trashed... Sorry to everyone who wanted to play more...


I Should Mention...

Well, it seems like I'll have 50 downloads before the next Lithia demo is here. SO! That means the Lithia Side-Story will be included with your downloads when the v1.5 Demo releases. I figured since that will happen, you should all know that the Side-Story holds TONS of spoilers for the actual Lithia game. So, it is probably best to learn the story by playing the v1.5 Demo first. Just saying...


A Deal For You All

I'll make a little deal for EVERYONE that has tried the current v1 Demo of Lithia. If I can get at least 50 downloads by the time the Lithia Side-Story is ready for it's own demo, I will include it with the Lithia v1.5 Demo.

The Side-Story was originally for my Testers, but I was thinking of letting it out to the public for fun purposes. The Side-Story includes a lot more things than the original game, so I think of it as a kind of treat. A demo for the Side-Story will be complete in the next 2-3 days, so hurry if you wanna try it!




Due to a few problems that I've been having with the busts for the Lithia Side-Story, I will literally be blowing them up and getting rid of them. Instead, there will just be face graphics with multiple expressions.

The busts will be a little add-on within the actual Lithia game along with a character's bio just for fun.

Progress Report

Production of v1.5 Demo

Today I will be starting the production of the Lithia v1.5 Demo. This demo will include a lot of fixes that people have pointed out. Here are just a few things to expect from the update:

-No more random battles; Enemies will roam the map and block your path
-More story reveals (Because hardly any of the plot is revealed)
-Support character enters the roster (You need to find her first)
-More content (The v1 Demo was about 30 min long and the time will probably extend to about an hour)
-More things to do; Gonna add a gambling mini-game, Rank D and C of the Arena, and collection quests
-Fixing of the "Ruins Switch Puzzle"

Game Design

New Battle System

I need everyone's opinion on a new battle system. Its based on the Final Fantasy pardagram shift, so I need to know what you guys think:


Demo now Available!

Our demo is finally up! I hope many will try it and possibly like it~ Thanks to my testers for helping me get this up on the site so quickly
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