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Oh my god the v1 Demo is here!

The Lithia v1 Demo is finally here! It is now up up for vote on being available so stay tuned. Please note, this is only the first demo. If there are any mistakes or concerns with the game, please report them to Camupins.

"I really hope everyone enjoys the Demo. It is my first game so don't expect TOO much from it. I have high expectations for the final result. Thanks for everyone who supported."


Lithia v1 Demo Delayed...

Due to something that happened to me today, I won't be able to complete the Lithia v1 Demo like I said I would. So the completion date has been pushed back to this weekend. I apolagize to those who wanted to play.


Major "Role" Changes coming to Lithia!


Hello all! Just in time for the coming release of the v1 Demo for Lithia, a new Role enters the game! Say hello to the Support Role. This Role is the only one in the game capable of raising party stats in unique ways, adding extra effects to their skills. They are capable of using bows and guns, giving them even more skills to use and more unique Overdrive skills.

Also coming AFTER the v1 Demo, Class Change! After a certain part in the game, players will be able to upgrade their characters. Below is a list of v2 Classes coming:

Muse ---> Gun Muse

Duelist ---> Master Duelist

Brawler ---> Fighter

Gambler ---> Card Master

Creationist ---> Elemental

Puppeteer ---> Entertainer

Support ---> Nothing
(Support is just a temporary class to test different Roles in the game along with the Gun script I put in. So, it WILL NOT be in the v2 Demo.)

Progress Report

v1 Demo Testing Complete!

My demo testers have completed their analysis of our first demo! I have quite a few things to fix and will begin working on releasing the Lithia v1 Demo to the public shortly after. I hope you'll all join me by playing~


Ahead of schedule on v1 Demo!

I'm pretty excited people! I just finished content for the v1 Demo release! I have a few more things to do and I'll be ready to put the Demo up. (Which someone should tell me how to do~) NOTE: Most features that are gonna be released with the full game will NOT be usable within the Demo. Here's the opening screen for the Demo that lists just some of the things you won't be able to do/access during your time:

Also, another note, during Demo release, I would like everyone who will try it to report any kind of bugs/glitches in the game. This is a one-person project and I've tried my best to fix most of the problems. Hope you'll all join me in celebrating the release!

Progress Report

Troubles brewing for Demo release.

Ive started having troubles with 1 or two new scripts. I find them kind of important right now so I don't really intend on progressing anywhere else with Lithia until I figure out how to fix this. If anyone knows about the old KGC Scripts, please contact me.


Demo coming soon!

A demo about 30 minutes long will be coming out for all users! You'll meet the characters and immerse yourself into the world of Lithia through stuff like bosses and even a few puzzles. I'm hoping all goes well and I can release a good demo by about next Wednesday. Stay tuned because after the demo, I'll be adding more features to keep you all comin back for more!
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