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Devil King Shitfuck has returned! And this time, he does the most shocking thing ever! Not really. I'm just making this game as an excuse to make another game. The main characters actually talk this time around, unlike the first game where they remain silent and only Shithead talks when you confront the Devil King. Anyways, another adventure of excessive cursing, adult humours, and nonsense of massive proportions. It's early in development, but it's already longer than the first game. How pathetic is that? All the music from the first game has returned, but with new additions. I own none of it. And this time, I will not be listing it.

The battle system in this game is different from the first one. While the first game uses the generic Dragon Warrior style RPG Maker VX battle system, the sequel will be using the tankentai active time battle system, which I did not make. It will also be using a caterpiller script which I got from....actually, I forgot where I got it from. I didn't make that either, though. Another script I'll be using is a script which shows you a battle background. And by "shows you a battle background" I really mean that the battle screen just shows you doing battle where you already are. Kind of a pseudo-Chrono Trigger, but not really. You have to play it to know what I mean. Or just look at the screen shots. I didn't make that script either, though. I also forgot who made this script as well. All of the scripts used in this game are borrowed from others and are owned by them, not me.

Random battles have been removed. You can thank me later.

Update 3/7/2012: I have given a friend permission to develop a prequel to the first game.

Update on a game that nobody cares about and that nobody ever will care about 3/13/2012: Random battles have been re-added. Before you freak out, it will only be in certain sections of the game, most of the time you'll have to run into your enemies or talk to them in order to fight them.

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And the ability to summon the "Office Whores" to deal damage to the enemies.
Adventures of shit head?

Resident Nonexistence
Wha.. but the.. whuuuuuut am I looking at o-o
Wha.. but the.. whuuuuuut am I looking at o-o

You are looking at a game that....I don't know. It's got lots of Cave Story music, though ^_^

Ok, seriously though, this is just....ugh. I really don't know how to explain this. The Adventure of Shithead 2.....well....yeah, it's a sequel.......um.....enjoy? :P
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
DAMN JW, hasn't anyone told you I hate Active Battle waiting ????
Correct the problem and I'll consider condescending myself to play your game!!

PLEASE ???? ok, forget it, I know you worked hard and it's your game :(
Download link pathing incorrect. Correct path is NEVERMIND

Actually, dont download that. There's only the game.exe and nothing else, not even sure how you can play that.
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