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In the world of Mejiun a typical 1000 years ago fashion, there
were tribes with special power of the spirits, call the Spirit
Guardians that fought against evil, known as the Zentas.

They had the power of shapeshifting and were hell bent on
conquering the planet by replacing humans. And absorbing
the light of everyone bringing the world to darkness.

The Spirit Guardians were also known for
absorbing trapped victims of the evil spirits
to set them free from thier prison against the will of
the Zentas.

As the gods themselves watched over wondering if the
Zentas be vanquished by the Guardians forever.

So many secrets lost in time,
rumours of a strange mask artifact connected to
shapeshifting, and why the touch of evil want it so bad
is soon to be revealed.

And so eons pass along, and the descendants of
Spirit Guardians live on all humans. Wondering
when the Zentas shall return.

Left over particles of the Zentas were monsters, but
not even they could stand against the humans of today,

What's important, peace has reign until this day,

Only then, if dark energy finds it's way
back, maybe the Spirit Guardians will
show their desendants the way to
salvation once again.

And now in the present, a young man,
is about to discover conspiracies behind
a presidential canditate that holds dark
secrets. And beyond what he thought about
his whole country.....

- 18 characters to join you.
- Special abilities of the spirits.

- Scripts used:
Yanfly Engine RD - Display Victory Aftermath
Yanfly Engine RD - Victory Aftermath Compatibility
Yanfly Engine RD Victory Aftermath Extra Page - Gain JP
basic menu
YEM Snapshot Battle Back
KGC_Screen Capture
(!) ccoa - Small World Map sprites (temp)

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No demo released yet until 2013

I'm delaying it because I want to work on Liberated Arms, it seems like a complete that I want that isn't going be in demo phase. This won't be moved to Ace anytime soon.
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My mind is full of fuck.
It's strange, I found vx world sets better then ace.
My mind is full of fuck.
I think I might just go back to rpg maker vx lolz.
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