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Everything Left for Me to Do

Greetings! I thought it's about time to post an update to all of you following my game's development. Well, I have some exciting news! I expect Exile's Journey to be finished by the summer (winter, for some of you down below the equator).

This is my first time giving an estimated time of completion, I believe, because I was scared that I wouldn't be able to meet my estimates (and rightfully so). Just to make things a little more transparent, here's a list of everything I need to finish.

The final dungeon. That's right, I've completed every dungeon in this game except the final one! And, boy, am I excited. I love making dungeons, and I have a feeling that this one is going to be especially fun.

Two more major cutscenes. A cutscene that takes place before the final dungeon, and one that takes place after. Believe it or not, I like to write out scripts in separate software for these cutscenes. I feel that I write better dialogue this way. One functions as the game's final climax, and another functions as the game's ending, so I need to make sure they're extra good.

Remake at least one dungeon. During the development process, it became clear to me that the later parts of the game are noticeably superior to the early parts in the game in many ways. I've remedied this by remaking many of the early sections of my game. There's at least one more dungeon that I'd like to remake. I might even remake two of them - I'm not sure yet. Luckily, remaking dungeons takes less time than creating an entirely new one, because I reuse the basic layout and puzzle design, as well as all of the already-created switches, variables, events, cutscenes, and enemies.

Add one more in-depth sidequest. My game is composed of three distinct sections, and one of them is rather open ended. Naturally, I added a bunch of sidequests to complete during these sections. I'd like to add at least one more, and I already have an idea for its story and dungeon. The dungeons in these side-quests don't take me as much time to make as the game's main dungeons because they're shorter and a bit more simple.

Finish creating battle sprites for all of my game's heroes. It probably amazes you guys that I've gone this far without completing them all. When it comes to making sprite edits, I'm really lazy. If anyone wants to help with this, I'd welcome it! I can't offer any sort of payment, though. :-)

Bugtesting. Enough said. This is a long game and bugs are inevitable. I'll be posting a request for volunteers to beta test my game pretty soon. I'm not sure how long the beta testing process is going to take - I'm really striving to make this the definitive RPG Maker 2003 game - one that really feels like something that could have come out on the SNES or PS1 back in the day. As such, I'm going to make it as bug-free as possible and listen to any and all advice before the public release.

Maybe remake my game's introduction. I've always hated my game's opening. I honestly think it's the worst part of the game, but I've never been able to come up with something better. That being said, I may feel this way simply because I've played it thousands of times. I'm probably going to wait to hear back from my beta-testers beforehand, because like I said, it might actually be fine.

I promise that I'm going to do my absolute best to live up to expectations and even exceed them. You're going to get an epic, 20 hour RPG with fully fleshed out characters, meticulously designed dungeons, and maps of an epic scale, some of which took a month to make. I know that there's still a market out there for traditional RPGs made with the RPG Maker 2003 software. Games like Lakria Legends and Final Fantasy: Blackmoon Prophecy prove it.

Have a wonderful day, and if you have any questions for me, let me know! Thank you!


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Oh, and I might try to make a trailer. We'll see how that goes.
Looking forward to it dude, good luck!
A lot of people seem to comment the final push is the hardest (I wouldn't have a clue haha). I don't get that impression from you though. You've still got buckets of energy and enthusiasm, I have every confidence in you! Good luck!
author=Little Wing Guy
A lot of people seem to comment the final push is the hardest (I wouldn't have a clue haha). I don't get that impression from you though. You've still got buckets of energy and enthusiasm, I have every confidence in you! Good luck!

The middle of the game, actually, was by far the hardest for me! I've actually had the most fun making the last fourth of this game more than any other part. I think it shows in game, too.
Exciting news! I might be able to help with some of the sprites, depending on the style. Let me know. Good luck closing in on the finish line, either way!
This is very exciting! Keep us updated on your testing needs, Deth.
Planet Earth is blue, and there's nothing I can do.
Man, you must be excited to be near completion! :D

I still remember when I bumped into your project and it was just starting and you were still finding your way.

Way to go! I always get hyped when people progress this far.
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