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Update - Release Date

Hello, all.

I have decided that I will not release the first release build of this game this month. I don't want to rush it. I received a lot of great feedback from my beta-testers and I want to make sure that I can implement as many fixes and suggested changes as possible. There are going to many new features implemented in the game, as well, that weren't present in the beta. I've been doing a ton of work making sure this game is as good as it can be. The thing that is taking the most amount of time is rebalancing enemies, which I've decided to do in order to ensure a more gradual and consistent difficulty curve throughout the game.

Testers, shortly before the game's public release, I'll be sending out a message to document many of the changes, fixes, updates, and new features I've made/included as a result of your feedback.

The version I release will not be the final version - I may release updates or patches if needed. I will be starting work on my next games immediately after release, and I will be giving more info on my upcoming games soon.

The new release date for the game is January 1st, 2020. Mark your calendars! ;-)


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Great, I will definitely try out your game once the "food tasters" in January are able to stomach the feast. :)
Damn, guess you gotta get those 2020 misaos instead
Shit. Now I'll have to compete with you for 2020 Misaos >B)
Damn, guess you gotta get those 2020 misaos instead

Well, at this rate, most people wouldn't have had much of a chance to play the game in time anyway!
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