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Q. In the preview it appears there is some sort of battle sequence. Is this correct? Will the battles play like traditional RPGs or will they be something different?

A. Certain empowered entities require duels in order to be vanquished. Of this variety each is unique. There are no random encounters, and the majority of creatures in the game possess a portrait exclusive to themselves. In this way each battle is essentially a ‘boss battle’.

Being an exploration game the order in which you engage these sorts of creatures is entirely open ended…though some duels bequeath skills or items strategically pertinent to other battles.

Q. Is everything going to be custom-made in this game?

A. As with my gallery art the game’s environments are a combination of transfigured sourced work and original drawing. In ratio the majority of graphical assets are custom, and each sourced graphic has been personalized and adapted to a unique effect, and the hope here is that the two methods will harmonize meaningfully.

Sound effects and a number of musical samples on the otherhand were drawn from the giving tree that is the Creative Commons.

Q. How did you come up with the title??

The word ‘Midden’ describes a littered space strewn with the detritus of a departed civilization. The dimension wherein the game takes place is one composited from the remnants of a collapsed world and therefore, in a sense, a midden. The life that abandoned structures assume after their intended occupants have left is emblematic, I feel, of a sort of enigmatic magic. These forsaken places seem to teem with strange spatial energy and embody a lesson, I think, about time’s power to repossess whatever it wants.

Q. When will it be released?

My aspiration is to release the game by later September, and any potential delays are not likely to withhold the publication date much further.