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Final Middens Trailer

What began as a conversation between a friend and I has finally resolved itself tangibly. Middens has undergone many transformations during that time. Once titled ‘We Three Kings’ the ancestor concept unfolded like a cultural satire focused on a rogue soul on its pilgrimage back to the living as working class mutinies streaked the afterlife.

Although the end iteration bears little relation to this and future predecessors, it certainly carries with it the DNA of its many antecedents. Each transformation was swallowed up by its successor making Middens a sort of ‘dead pool’ refinement of multiple streams of thought.

There is no correct way to play Middens, and it unfolds according to your play style. It is not even necessary that the game’s goals be met, or that its items be collected or creatures be defeated. If preferred a player can simply turn Middens on and peacefully explore its audio visual elements without ever engaging in its strategic gameplay or story.

Many who play Middens will experience it completely differently as the game was built circularly and the order in which creatures or environments are encountered will totally depend on the player’s impetus. It is not even necessary to destroy creatures to grow stronger as a pacifist means of leveling has been provided.


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I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Head asplode.
This looks amazing. Simply amazing.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Well, I'm pretty sure I won't know what to make of the game until I play it. Even then, will I be sure of what to make of this game? Possibly not!
This looks amazing. Simply amazing.

Thanks for that and greater thanks and props to the Torgo/Hope mockup. Its been years since I was reminded of Manos: Hands of Fate.
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