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Version 1.9 now available

Version 1.9 of Middens is now available for download.

This version corrects all the game's known passabilities and a minor hiccup sometimes experienced when escaping. Again, “ If you desire to retain your save file between versions simply copy and paste your save from the old root folder into the new. I highly recommend updating”.


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I keep getting a "failed to load script" after reading the Start-Up Instructions.
1.8 works perfectly for me.
Dear Clareain,

Did you notice whether the 'scripts' file was present in the root game folder? I wasn't able to imitate the hiccup on any of my home computers so my inkling is that its probable that your download corrupted. If you like I have uploaded a second copy of version 1.9 just incase. If you feel inclined let me know if redownloading the new copy works.

Another possibility is that the folder was decompressed when you tried to launch the application. If the folder is zipped please right click and choose 'extract all' to unlock its contents. I noticed that this error appeared only when I attempted to use the executable while it was still zipped.
I found three bugs:

There's a mapping error on this map that allows you to run on the sky.

If I try to rez an alive target, this appears.

This creature I'm next to, Along with one of the bubbles on the bus, will respawn after I kill them.
(good grind points though, lol)

Enjoyed my playthrough. I'm looking to reviewing this game too.
Huge thanks for notifying me of these. I have corrected the first error and am in the process of figuring out the second(I'm not sure what's causing that). As for the third---it's actually deliberate(set by variables though and therefore random) and occasionally enemies will do this to give the Nomad an opportunity to refight them but normally they'll die after second or third time they're attacked.
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