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Cherubim Concept
  • myformerselves
  • Added: 04/05/2012 08:43 PM
  • Last updated: 04/25/2024 03:32 AM


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Okay, that's crazy cool. Is it extremely big? I hope so.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
That's quite beautiful.
"And so the assembled angels spoke unto man, their voices listless and rustling.

'You desired to see us, and so we have appeared.'

But man was unprepared for their wisdom, and he screamed and pleaded and tore at his hair.

It was considered a mercy when they addressed his symmetry; framing him new wings and drinking of his essence."

-Canticles of the Lion, Verse 4

"It is written that, in the days before the merge, there were no living concepts. All thoughts existed in a kind of non-reality, and could only be brought into the physical world through practiced action and careful dedication. Whatever the event was that brought us the merge, it also ruptured the membrane around this non-reality, allowing living notions to spill through the gap. The strongest of these were the angels, who embodied ideas so purely that they could feed upon them, strengthening their forms on art and belief."

-A Beginner's Guide to Theobiology, Seventh Edition (origin thought to predate the Seraphim War.)
You should put Kumada's little tidbits of information in your game myformerselves. That would be extremely awesome!
I promise I'm not trying to hijack the lore.

With the abstract, there's always a danger of saying too much, of explaining more than the reader needs to form his own impressions. I like writing little pieces based off of these things, but I'll pay close attention and try not to overdo it.
Kumada, while your verses may not be conducive to the game itself I have been working on a fictional bestiary that could potentially utilize them. Since you exhibit a proclivity for this sort of writing I wonder if you'd be interested?
Guardian of the Description Thread
Do it, kumada. DO IIIIIIT!
Doooooing iiiiiiit!

I am absolutely interested.

I am also working on another project at the moment, and I have an obligation to finish it, but depending on how fast you're working on the bestiary I could either do little snippets of work on it at a time, or try to churn through my other project as fast as I can.

I am happy to do either.

(Bestiaries are pretty much my favorite thing. Just so you know.)
Great. I'll message you with the larger details along the road. The bestiary is actually complete as of now at around 300 pages; it only lacks captions for many of its creatures.

I think I quite liked this one, yes.

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