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Enter The Rift

Enter the bizarre, living, squirming world of the Rift. In this deranged fantasy land you will come across beings you would never had thought could have existed; even in the wildest imagination of a psychotic convict!

Middens is a beautiful game. The amount of time that has gone into the graphics, backgrounds, sprites, and the sheer amount of imagination is unbelievable! If Dali were to create an account on RMN and download RPG Maker XP, this is the game he would make.

'If Dali were to create an account on RMN...'

The music is also very well done. Add to this the well-crafted dialogues that are sometimes even poetic. The opening scene gave me chills and pulled me straight into the game with a single sentence: "I'll be so close to your hand that I could lick your nails as you touch the trigger"...

Of course the gameplay isn't glorious. A lot of the time you're just kind of aimlessly wondering around, fighting creatures, walking into different dreamscapes... But that's where the whole charm of the game resides! It's the discovery of a deep world that has been created and has evidently been the project of the creator for quite some time.

It's a scary, mind-opening experience...

It's a scary, mind-opening experience, and I'd love to have the opportunity to sit down with developer myformerselves and explore the realms of the human mind. In my own projects, I've never had the courage to do anything quite as abstract, as is the case of a lot of people. RMN should be proud of this gem, and it's definitely earned it's place on the front page.

In conclusion, don't even bother with this if you're looking for a traditional "game"; please try it for the sake of pure imagination and art. The mark of 5 stars can't really be compared relatively to the usual way of reviewing things on this site. On the normal standards it should get a 4, 4.5, but it really merits the full marks. Bravo to the creator, I salute you!

Seriously, these graphics are amazing...