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Rachel, Vivian, and Jessie are three young women who are musicians! They play in a band named 3sweet, and their music is amazingly pop. They've just been hired to do a gig for the church, but just before then, their instruments get stolen. Catching a glimpse of the thief, they appear the be disturbing and barely describable as man or animal. This drives the women to go on a quest, that will take them to places they never imagined.

They live on the island of Seal. It's a bizarrely geometrically shaped island, perfectly symmetrical and not at all natural. This is the only island that will be explored in the game, but it's a varied place. Their are legends told by the church about the island being a demon ward. Hence the name Seal.

Speaking of the legend the church tells, it involves a powerful hero fighting a great evil in medieval times. Sound familiar? This history will become relevant as the story progresses. After all, retrieving instruments is a humble goal...

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