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Monster World Legends is a 35th anniversary tribute to the legendary Wonder Boy franchise. It is a side-scroller that blends action, platform, adventure, and RPG elements into one.

Engage in a 2-Dimensional, multi-genre game as you travel across areas new and old. Explore the ever-expanding Monster World and restore peace once again.


  • A story that blends heroes and worlds of the past, present, and future

  • Open world and stage based game play

  • For the first time in the series, characters have voices

  • A vast variety of equipment, items, and skills to obtain

  • Classic Wonder Boy/Monster World game play with unique twists

  • Various customization options

  • Bonus features


Wonder World was once a peaceful realm. However, a horde of monsters invaded and over time, it became known as Monster World. The leader of the monsters was and extra-terrestrial creature known as Bio Mecha.

Due to this, a young man named Shion vowed to defeat the monsters and their leader. Shion defeated Biomecha and restored peace.Shortly after the battle of Monster World, he vanished.

When a mysterious new evil threatens to destroy Monster World, chaos breaks loose causing time periods to collide with one another. Warriors written throughout history join forces in a quest to save the world from collapsing. Along with 6 brand new heroes to aid them, this may be their most difficult quest yet.


A prequel to the game is below. If you want to experience the full story, you can play Shantae and Asha:Dream Fantasia.

Shantae And Asha

Latest Blog

Port Process Complete!

Greetings to all! Today, I have a some information regarding this project's development and I hope that you are all looking forward to what's in store for it this year. I'd like to get back to work on it asap, so I'll be as brief as I possibly can. Let's get into it!

Dismantle/Port Complete

First things first. I'd like to announce that the port process has been completed! What do I mean by that? Well, to put it simply, Shantae and Asha's engine (Monster World IV-2 Engine) was combined with the one for Monster World Legends.

Many of the resources used the same code, but a majority of them did not, so not only did many things have to be destroyed or picked apart, but many things had to be reprogrammed so that the resources would agree with and understand each other's language (physics, battle system, etc).

The game itself has been reprogrammed many times as my knowledge of Game Maker grew. But, it seems this will indeed be the final time. We got the game running a couple of days ago, so I'm incredibly excited to finally have a solid foundation to finish this baby once and for all!

Wonder Boy 35th Anniversary!

The 35th anniversary of Wonder Boy is coming in April along with a fully blown 3D remake of Monster World IV on April 22nd in Japan! You can watch the new trailer below!

But, with such a milestone being reached with a huge renaissance as of late, I strongly believe we not only show up, but show out as far as showing support and love to the franchise overall.

So far, we have branched out in different ways such as having a dedicated discord server, deviant art collection, twitter account and even an upcoming Youtube channel.

New Asha in Monster World Trailer!

Closing Words

That is pretty much all I have for you all right now. There's a lot more I want to say, but we'll save the next big discussion in the coming months. Until next time fellow Wonder Boy fans!


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Its not a real sequel, its a fangame sequel. Its sort of like how People make unofficial fan games to series that are dead or are no longer making series. An example of this is Lufia V:For the Savior(a Lufia fan game here).
The game continues on to what the creator believes should happen next in the series.

And yes, please help me with the voices:) I finally started building the world now and its very fun. There are a HUGE variety of platforms,Items,Hazards, and other things that will make level building a blast.
I had to stop bragging about winning the 2019 RMN Stanley Cup Playoff Pool.

Might want to figure out what causes this to happen:

I've been working on a a way for all systems to play it. For a while now some people can't seem to play it. Everything will change soon so just hang in there.

There is also a lot going on in the game behind the curtains. I don't remember the last time i posted anything about this game due to several reasons, but within the next week or so I can resume progress on the game and finish it this year. I'm glad to have you as a new subscriber and keep in touch:)
This reminds me a whole lot of Wonder Boy in monster world and Wonder Boy 3 on sega master system! Subbed this looks awesome!
This reminds me a whole lot of Wonder Boy in monster world and Wonder Boy 3 on sega master system! Subbed this looks awesome!

I must be doing my job then:) I'm trying my best to cherry-pick the best elements of the series and put it all into one. You could also think of this as Monster World Generations.
This game is very good looking I am looking forward to the final version, thanks for your work
This game is very good looking I am looking forward to the final version, thanks for your work

Thank you:)and you are very welcome. I look forward to releasing the final version with as much polish and love that I can possibly pour into it.
Hi buddy,
finally I made it:

Well I'll be. Good to see its here. I'll check on things shortly.
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