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Monster World Legends is a 30th anniversary tribute to the legendary Wonder Boy franchise. It is a side-scroller that blends action, platform, adventure, and RPG elements into one.

Engage in a 2-Dimensional, multi-genre game as you travel across areas new and old. Explore the ever-expanding Monster World and restore peace once again.

  • A story that blends heroes and worlds of the past, present, and future

  • Over 10 playable characters

  • Open world and stage based game play

  • For the first time in the series, characters have voices

  • A vast variety of equipment, items, and skills to obtain

  • Classic Wonder Boy/Monster World game play with unique twists

  • A dual soundtrack

  • Various customization options

  • Bonus features

Wonder World was once a peaceful realm. However, a horde of monsters invaded and over time, it became known as Monster World. The leader of the monsters was and extra-terrestrial creature known as Bio Mecha.

Due to this, a young man named Shion vowed to defeat the monsters and their leader. Shion defeated Biomecha and restored peace.Shortly after the battle of Monster World, he vanished.

When a mysterious new evil threatens to destroy Monster World, chaos breaks loose causing time periods to collide with one another. Warriors written throughout history join forces in a quest to save the world from collapsing. Along with 6 brand new heroes to aid them, this may be their most difficult quest yet.

Latest Blog

Change of Focus

Hello everyone, it has been quite some time since I've posted something for this and I'm terribly sorry for the information drought and all. With some things changing and looking up, I decided to go into detail about why certain things happened and why there was such a long period of time with no updates.

Just to make things clear, I am not trying to justify what I've done or make excuses, nor is this for a pity party of sorts. I'm here to be upfront, honest, and transparent with you all so not only can the game get back on track and better than before, but so there is a better understanding of the whole situation. That being said, let's dig into this.

Why was another break taken from the project?

When the game had reached a certain state, things began to be incredibly deep and to be honest, I was tired and didn't know what to do with the project anymore. The amount of resources was simply overwhelming(over 5000)to work with and had began to think that the project was way too ambitious.

To make matters worse, almost no one in the entire sprite-ripping community had sprites from the series with the exception of a few that had a small, but helpful amount. Other than those, I had to literally play through all the games in the series myself and get about every NPC, character, item, tile set, sound effect, and much more(and there are 8 games to get content from!).

Too many ideas

When we play games and see something we like, we get inspired and often times want to implement something akin to those systems in our projects. My biggest issue was that I was infinitely thinking of new ideas and systems to cram into the game and that is very dangerous behavior when being a developer of any sort because you'll never get things done and by the time you're ready to implement them all, you're kind of tired.

Before this blog was made, I took a long look at some of the prior ones refresh myself on things that were said or mentioned and that was one of the issues. The more things introduced, the longer that game takes to create and the more stressed/ burned out I got. So in order to make more significant progress and reduce the workload, a lot of those ideas and concepts were scrapped for future or other projects.

Too Much Unnecessary Content

When any type of game is made(especially fan games), we all get the tendency to fill them with Easter eggs, and references that can often break the fourth wall. Like the topic above concerning too many ideas, there was a large tendency to add so many Easter eggs and bonus content, that I had completely lost focus on the main game itself. This included things like playable characters, cameos, and all that good stuff.

In order to gain a strict focus and make it purely a Monster World game, most(if not all) of this content was removed altogether. Not only does this lift a heavy burden off my back, but they no longer pose a threat of taking the spotlight away from the core game.

Lack of decent/ less stressful coding skills

Lately I've been looking through the code of the game and realized that the game is a complete and utter mess. The whole time the game was on hiatus, I was thinking "What could be done better?" or "There has got to be a simpler way to do this!". It turns out, I was making it a LOT more stressful by not learning the core functions of Game Maker and experimenting with code enough, thus making it a hassle to program and deal with. What was once doable with 5 or 6 lines of code is now done with just 2 or 3. This allows for rapid creation of things like skills, equipment, and logs.

Another thing I did terribly was the text engine. Instead of looking for a decent way to do it, I simply went with the old coding that is incredibly inferior to the one that could be created now. Before, it displayed 6 lines of text and could only handle "Yes and No" choices. Now it's decided to show 3 lines of text and handle 4 options at a time. The list goes on and on about what could be done better with coding, but I believe you all get the gist of what I mean.

So what's the plan?

The plan now is simple and many of it's phases are already underway or have been for quite some time. Let's recap on what is being removed...

  • Removal of extreme Easter Egg usage

  • Scrapping of extra ideas that aren't needed

  • Removal of most cameo content

  • Bad coding that makes the project harder to deal with

A lot of scrapped or saved ideas have already been implemented into another project I'm working on and that one is almost done. It can be said that the game itself had so much put into it, that it had to be split up in order to make things more manageable.

With these gone, I strongly believe the game will come to fruition sooner rather than later and not only increase the game's quality overall, but puts a powerful focus on creating a new Monster world game rather than making a cluster of stuff that has nothing to do with the franchise.

Closing Words

With all of that said, I honestly don't know what else there is to discuss at this time. If I missed something or you have any questions, concerns, or quarrels, I'm all ears; whether it is through PM or commentary. Again, I take full responsibility for everything regarding the game and I can't blame you if you've moved on or lost interest at this point.

But, I will work as hard as I can to make the game as good as it can possibly be no matter what it takes and I can't do that without all of you; the ones who helped the project make it this far in the first place with your commentary, advice, and overall honesty with me as a whole. Thank you all and I'll see you again soon.



I will add custom controls since It's a high demand:) People have complained about that since the beginning. I also removed the run button because holding it down is tiring and can jam it up. I spent the last hour or two testing the new Seaside Coast Boss, and my left hand is killing me. So, the next time you see an update, there will be several changes.

I will add custom controls since It's a high demand:) People have complained about that since the beginning. I also removed the run button because holding it down is tiring and can jam it up. I spent the last hour or two testing the new Seaside Coast Boss, and my left hand is killing me. So, the next time you see an update, there will be several changes.

Will we still be able to run?
Is it possible that rather than just holding down the button to run you could make it so that pressing the "run button" toggles between walk and run?
I will add custom controls since It's a high demand:) People have complained about that since the beginning. I also removed the run button because holding it down is tiring and can jam it up. I spent the last hour or two testing the new Seaside Coast Boss, and my left hand is killing me. So, the next time you see an update, there will be several changes.

Will we still be able to run?
Is it possible that rather than just holding down the button to run you could make it so that pressing the "run button" toggles between walk and run?

Fantasic Idea! I can do that easily. I never would have thought of that.However, most 2D action games don't use a run button. Instead, it will have a neutral feeling like Mega Man or 2D RPG games (not to fast, not too slow). Its so hard to choose how to handle this situation. I guess the next demo will speak for me.
Reminds me of the 'Adventure Island' games I was so fond of as a kid. :)
Dude this game feels really awkward. Do you use hitbox detection at all? It's hard to tell if your sword's going to hit in relation to the enemy and it feels all too fast. Idk if you compare your game to like any action platformer like maybe castlevania there's a mechanical instance that feels "right." It sucks because it's really hard to discuss controls and pinpoint what's wrong with this game. Keep in mind I'm talking about the fundamentals here...

I think the main problem is the sword speed feels too fast, like it's just one frame that appears for a split second. In any action game there's usually a delay during or before the attack to give it the right feel. It's really hard to explain. Plus the jumping sword attack feels really finnicky, I cannot tell how far its range is because you're just spinning a sprite without actually showing the slash. I'm glad that theres an action game on here that isn't in frackin rpg maker but you really should look at the difference between say... idk megaman zero's sword slashes to lydia's

Hitbox detection is in the plan, I just haven't added it yet.This is just the early demo. I haven't updated it in about a month or two. Changes are being made daily in fact. I know exactly what you're talking about! I've played too many action games, and there are several flaws. Don't worry though, I already fixed all that you mentioned. I play the Megaman Zero series all the time, so I am trying to make it similar to that.

I agree that Game Maker needs to have more games on this site, and some action games made in RPG maker are...well, bad. I used game maker because of it's easy to use interface and simple design. I've played every megaman game (Classic)(X series)(Zero series), and other action games, so I'm improving this game often.

Everything you've mentioned is already fixed in the version I'm working on.
Believe me, I notice most of the flaws before people even notice them. I plan out everything on paper, so I know what to add, remove, and consider.

I just downloaded the latest version (Fantasia 1.2 Demo Update) and everything Darken wrote still seems to be the case.

The graphics look pretty decent, no real problems there. The attack animation looks wonky though. Like...the slash comes out and THEN he swings his arm. It could use a few more frames too, the slash and the character swinging.

The HUD is taking up way too much space with it's giant boxes. I don't need to be told that the number counting down is the time, that's pretty much implied. Same with score, but really I don't need to know my score and lives left all the time. The health bar is hard to read at a glance but it's basically useless because I will look at the number instead. The number that is bigger and easier to read. The positioning of the heart, health bar, and number together is weird too. The bar just takes up space. It's a tiny bar of color inside a similar color and the gradient makes it look fuzzy instead of a clear line of where your health is. The green on orange looks bad, imo. And then it changes when you're low health to orange, making it even harder to read.

I would try different designs for a HUD. Completely different, not just rearranging the existing boxes.

When I get game over it should bring me back to the world map.

The sound effects are gross haha I don't like them. Mostly when your killing monsters.

I can't attack while pressing a direction, and that is really bad. It makes the game annoying and unplayable for me. I like smooth controls and having to stop to attack sucks. It should at least attack and stop my movement, not ignore my request to attack u.u It's hard to attack with Magic when I want to.

The biggest problem with all the controls is that I have to press 1 button and 1 button only. Often times something won't work if I press 1 button while holding another. It's like you're checking if I pressed jump, and not if jump is being pressed. I'm not too familiar with coding in GM yet, but I would say you need to look at how you are tracking buttons and tweak it to be more fluid.

You're positioning of monsters is too punishing to the player. It seems like every jump has an obstacle ready to hit me, some of them aren't even visible until you get hit by them. The level is crowed with monsters, I can't move 5 steps without having to avoid something. And there are several coconuts in low trees that are totally hidden by the leaves, so as you're walking by you get hit by it. That makes no sense. Not every tree needs a coconut. Isn't this an early demo and not the last stage?? Where's the easy?

When I get hit by a monster and there is another monster coming, I have seemingly no window to move out of the way. I'm stun locked with no movement during my own invincibility frames. If I get hit in the air and I'm over the water(which seems to happen all the time >|) I have no chance to try and tilt my way back to the ledge. I'm doomed to fall in a certain way that drops me right into the water.

Is that Final Fantasy music? :/ Whyyyy. If you're going to rip music you should look for obscure games so at least they are fresh and not over used or just so obviously out of place. The music seemed to skip a beat and pause the game for a frame when the music loops. When the FF music comes on, it's an even bigger pause. May by my PC though.

A Zelda warp sound? u.u see above

In the corner for the display of my remaining lives, it says "x-1". Why have an X? Oh wait, every time I die it's going up haha glitch. You should put a branch that tells it if you have negative lives it equals zero to trigger game over, GM can do that right? Or you might have it work a different way.

In the help file you said not to use Magic too much, well I'm spamming the shit out of it and my meter is always full when I need it.

I sometimes get stuck in a wall and a sound effect is repeated very fast. I can jump out. It happened when I got hit and fell back close a wall. It happened one time as I was falling to my death, I was saved by the wall but could only jump out to my death again. It happened again as I was climbing a ladder and I figured it out; if I move close to the wall while on the ladder I'm "in" the wall, and when I jump it glitches out.

That first big jump is made too difficult by the randomly popping up enemies. Not only do they jump at random heights, but if you try and time it and you simply can't. You just have to get lucky, because if there is an enemy in the air you're gonna die.

Item's bounce too high. One clock piece was bouncing about 3 times my height.

Spinning attack sucks. It's weak and rarely kills anything in one hit so it's almost like I'm not even attacking as I get hit in the air and die. It wouldn't be so bad if I had a choice of what attack to use in the air, cause then I'd just use something more useful.

Character starts not standing on the ground.

I'm making a lot of hail mary jumps, and lots of times I jump into a pit and die.

If you stand on a falling piece of bridge it stops falling, then starts falling again.

Instead of one long range platform, have 2 smaller ones. So I don't have to wait what seems like FOREVER, for the platform to come back. Or if I want to plow through the level I'll have something to jump on nearby. I don't want to have to wait for no good reason. Plus then I'm just standing on a platform doing nothing, that in itself seemed like a wasted opportunity. Put some gems or something. I'd still rather a series of small platforms.

I hope you do something better with the Time's Up message ha I think having a timer is lame, unless it's only used for bonus points and you don't DIE when time is up. When I hit stage clear the timer was still going, I would have died if I was at low time. I only had 27 seconds left, too. Mission says "get to the end before the time runs out", that should be the only use for a timed death level..when it's that stages mission. You could have other missions like kill every enemy or collect all the gems. Personally, I think that's the best way to use that awful level timer idea. As an uncommon occurrence where the level is suited for the objective so it's not frustrating.

Give me one of those checkpoint crystals at the start of the level :/ So I can spend more time in the level and playing the game. It takes way too long to die. Multiply that 10 seconds by how many times you're going to die in a game and it's a considerable amount of time. I don't need to be serenaded upon my death, just send me back in coach. Even if you don't want it in the final product, put it there for testers. And give them unlimited lives, or in my current case shut off game over by putting lives in the negative. There is no consequence to dying so I can actually test the game. Instead of playing it normally and rage quitting because it takes many attempts to jump over all the danger water pits. I bet if I die on stage 2 and get game over it sends me back the title, right? Then I'd have to do stage 1 again to get to stage 2? heh I'm on 5 now and there's no way I would be if game over wasn't disabled.

Even with unlimited lives, I don't feel like fighting the controls to beat the boss. It's way to hard to efficiently hit and run.

All these things lead a very rigid and frustrating game. I prefer a fluid and intuitive game. This wasn't fun in it's current state. I know it's early on so I'm hoping it gets better. Do yourself a favor(if you're not already doing this). Don't start adding all kinds of new levels and characters and bosses, until you get this first character moving fluidly and work out the kinks like attacking, hit-boxes and invincibility frames using a single test map. Test as many combinations of game play mechanics as you can. Try and tie up lose ends of coding, like when you beat a level everything else should shut down so you don't die from an enemy or the *shudder* timer. It's not easy, but try and think of other things like that that will happen if the code is left running.

wow I played the old version just for fun and it's even worse haha That jump height was way too low and the attack animation too small. At least you're improving.
Okay, I may as well say I agree with Link here except:

I absoolutely love the HUD every last piece of it. I don't think any of it looks ugly either. Since the HUD isn't ever going to block your vision, it's perfectly fine taking up the space it does, plus it's transparent and it looks nice. I, personally, wouldn't change anything about your HUD.

I...didn't find the first jump hard at all. Am I weird? Just cas magic on the fish then run jump and do a spin slah in the air while going across. I make it everytime. However others have had problems so I suggest only having one fish and shortening the jump just a tiny bit.

I would suggest only using the timer for "Get to the end of the stage in time!" goals. Otherewise, don't use it and don't make it kill me. (Basically what Link said)

Rather than shortening the death sequence, (Which is hilarious) put more checkpoints. Like 4-5 to each level.

You're supposed to use your shield to bounce back the spike balls and then slash at him while holding your ground to force him back. However I would suggest more hearts for healing, or at least make them respawn after a while.

I agree with most everything else Link said. I'm also still in favor of getting the option to map your own controls.
Couldn't agree more. But, like you said, you have to think about what to do before you make a move. If you see fish coming out of a pit, shoot them, then move.

I'm not disappointed though. There is a blog that shows the list I made before the this demo came out.

New Blog...

Is it a crime to use Final Fantasy Music? I can use whatever music I like thank you! Besides, I already removed this yesterday.

I could write a huge comment going back and forth with this, but I 'm more focused on improving the game, not arguing about every little thing. Some things Link_2112 said are nit picky, but some of the other comments are true. I already know that though. Trust me, I've played more games than most people expect and I have a list of things I need to fix (Blog above). Sound effects? Come on!

I test my game all the time! so I know when I encounter a glitch such as getting stuck. The same things happened to me while playing. Also, everything in the HUD is necessary! You HAVE to know how much time you have left! Have you even played Super Mario Bros? The time is up there at all times! There is nothing wrong with the HUD at it's current state. However, score will have to go because there is no use for it.
You're supposed to use your shield to bounce back the spike balls and then slash at him while holding your ground to force him back. However I would suggest more hearts for healing, or at least make them respawn after a while.

The only problem is that in the demo there was never a need to use my shield, so when it came time for the boss it didn't cross my mind. Even though this is only a demo, you need to think of these things. If a boss is going to use some gimmick, introduce the player to that gimmick in the leading levels.

You can always download Joy2Key and remap the keys yourself. I used it for my gamepad.
Yeah, that's true. There are so many things to add, remove, consider, and fix at this point. Right now, Lydia's gameplay functionality is priority. Once she's done, the other characters will be able to join the party. Here are the characters so far. They all look great! I need more though. I want to have a huge roster of playable characters. But as of now, this is fine.

More guys are needed ohohoho! But all characters look good C:.
By the way, not for now probably, but is there a possibility to, let's say, multiplayer options? (and by multiplayer I don't mean "online" play, but 2-Player Co-op, or even an Arena!).
Or a mode in which you can fight all the other characters and access boss battles whenever you want?
More guys are needed ohohoho! But all characters look good C:.
By the way, not for now probably, but is there a possibility to, let's say, multiplayer options? (and by multiplayer I don't mean "online" play, but 2-Player Co-op, or even an Arena!).

YES! I had that idea a long time ago! I planned a VS mode and a boss battle mode(pick a character, and a boss). I also plan on adding mini games that will deliver a different sense of gameplay every now and then.

2 player co-op is possible. I'll consider adding it:) I will also have to look up a tutorial on how to make it.

I may also have a character switch-out system during gameplay. You will be able to switch between characters in an instant by pressing a button (similar to MMZXA and Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals).

MegaMan ZX Advent Example

Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
do you need voices for characters besides Lydia? Since Ferkin, Bai and Ryou are clearly guys-, I could do a voice for one or more of them. (I can do an OK girl voice if I must, but I consider it merely passable . . . :P)
Sure thing:) I use voice clips from existing games and I have at least 200MB worth of character voices from super smash bros.Brawl, Kingdom Hearts, Tales of Symphonia,ect. I've never had someone do original ones before, but it does sound interesting. Also, Bai is a GIRL. If you do make any voice acting, make sure they are in WAV format and send them to me.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Sure .I also experiment with making music- currently it's mostly random-generated, then redone using Synthfont- but I'm trying to master composing. Anyway I have lots of tracks-some form games that have been canceled-if you wanted to have original tunes instead. Now do you have any particular persoaltiy traits for any of the chatterers? it would help me figure things out. BTW for existing examples of my VA check out the samples form the RM Radio Play.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Oooh! Ooh! Can I submit a character idea? *insert big, wide, mischievous grin*
@BurningTyger- I would love to have some original music:) I can also edit them(if a MIDI) using Anvil Studio. Anvil Studio is a really useful MIDI program in which you can edit instruments, tempo, tracks, and you can even create your own music. Is there any way you can send them to me?

@Ratty524- Absolutely:) You can download the character creation pack in one of the earlier blogs. I think it was Character Contest or something. The instructions are simple (Model, Info, Voice,etc). Trust me, making characters is one of the most fun parts of this games design process. Have fun:) If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask. Also, there are some examples above and there is a large green image in the images section showing what I do with your characters sprites once you submit a model to me. I look forward to seeing what character(s) you have in mind. You can submit as many characters as you like and eventually they will be used as battle sprites in a future Fantasia RPG. Again, Goodluck and have fun:)
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Alright, I'll take a look-see.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
I'm not a really good spriter but i may try