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Monster World is home to many lands and Kingdoms. Some hidden, others out in plain sight. Within these areas, many people live in complete harmony ranging from Humans, Fairies, Dwarves, and others alike. Here we will explore the vast number of residents seen and unseen.

New Heroes

  • Lydia Earhart(Designed by me)
A cheerful, 13 year old girl who lives in Baraboro City; a large city on small island to the east of Monster World. Not knowing much about herself or the world around her, she sets out by ship to see what the world has to offer beyond the eastern seas. Lydia is a Magic Knight; a class that excels with weapons and magic. Her main weapon is a short sword.

An Inventor and adventurer who comes across a magical, silk ribbon during one of her investigations. The relic seems to have mystical properties and she decides to keep it. Kiki's primary weapon is a pellet Pistol that has the ability to harness the wielder's energy and turn it into power. Some powers can have very surprising effects.

A girl that lives in an isolated cottage in Silent Woods. Bai sees little trouble in her life. When monsters shatter her peace, she leaves her home to stop them. With a sword as tall as she is and a passion for peace, this silent but deadly woman is not to be taken lightly.

A dark mage traveling through time and space trying to find his way home. Not really understanding the dynamics of time/space travel, he keeps winding up in random locations through trial and error. Unfortunately, every time he arrives somewhere new, he has to gather the components needed to cast the warp spell all over again. Ferkin's weapon type is a magic rod. With it he can utilize rare magic.

A Samurai who suffers from a rare curse cast on him by a half human-half monster that makes him kill others to stay alive. There are plenty of monsters to keep him occupied until he can find a way to break this curse. Ryou's weapons consist of 2 identical Katanas and Ofuda Scrolls.

He is a young boy raised by the Dragons of Begonia. Glaedr has a undying interest in Dragons and when after hearing that Shion killed the evil Tyrant Dragon, he has had a bit of a grudge towards him.

Legendary Heroes

  • Shion
The Legendary Hero of Monster World. When Monster World was invaded by the hordes of Monsters, there were very little forces that could stand against them. Thus, Shion set out on a quest to restore peace to Monster World at any cost. In the original game, he traveled across many lands and gathered the Legendary Equipment to defeat Bio Mecha. He was victorious; bringing an era of peace that lasted for some time.

  • Bock Lee Temjin a.k.a Tom Tom
Long before Shion rescued Monster World, Bock saved the land not once, but twice. Bock eventually faced a mechanical Dragon who put a curse on him; turning him into a Lizard and several other hideous forms. It is rumored that Bock has a girlfriend named Tanya.

  • Asha
A girl whose dream is to become the first female Knight. When she starts hearing mysterious voices, she embarks on a journey to free the 4 spirits from the forces of evil. Asha is a refined swordsman and her determination to see things through to the end is her strongest trait.

  • Leo
A warrior born in the lost city of Xenobia. When monsters invaded the kingdom, Leo set out with Sheila Purapril on a quest to stop the Mecha Dragon and his forces. Leo's current location is currently unknown.

Royalty and World Leaders

  • Princess Sheila Purapril
The current leader of Monster World and rules over Purapril Kingdom. She resides in a well-guarded castle high in the sky. In the original game, she had gotten kidnapped by one of the monsters who was shielded with heavy armor. However, this time she is an active fighter who will do anything to save her kingdom. It is rumored that she once fought along side a green-haired warrior some time in the past.

  • Queen Eleanora
The Leader of the Fairy Village; Alsedo. She lives in a hidden garden that only the villagers know how to access. In the original game, she sent her servant; Priscilla to help Shion on his quest for a brief period. A very powerful, yet timid Queen that only wants the best for the world and all who inhabit it.

  • Sonia
One of the residents of Alsedo who lost her Ocarina in the cavern east of the village. When Shion brings it back to her, she teaches him three sacred melodies that open the sealed musical doors within the cavern.

  • Dwarf Elder
The head of Lilypad; the Dwarf Village. The Elder was once upset and bitter that one of the villagers had been kidnapped, though thanks to the mighty efforts of Shion, the victim was saved. The Elder now watches more carefully over the village so the same mistakes wont occur.

  • Hotta's Sister
When her brother; Hotta gets kidnapped, she tells Shion what happened and when he returns, she gives you permission to bring him along on your journey for a brief period of time.

  • Poseidon
The God of the undersea kingdom. When Shion presents himself in front of him, he tells him of the Sphinx who lies in the Pyramid and gives him the Oasis Boots to cross the hot sands of Maugham Desert.

  • The Sphinx
The riddle-crazed Sphinx of Maugham Desert's Pyramid. Making several appearances across the Monster World games, he is a funny character that asks the heroes questions. If the hero fails to answer his questions correctly, it could mean death for them. In Wonder Boy in Monster World, he asks Shion about his experiences up to that point such as asking "What was the name of the Queen you met in Alsedo?".

  • Elder Dragon
A mighty, talking dragon that watches over Begonia; the Dragon Village high in the mountains. When Shion presented himself to the Dragon, he gave him valuable information on how to enter the volcano and how to create the Legend Sword.

  • Darkworld Prince
The Prince of the world high above Monster World. In the original game he was possessed by Bio Mecha; the leader of Monsters to destroy Shion at the Nightmare Castle. Being able to transform into dangerous monsters and use strong magic, he is a force to be reckoned with. When Shion was nearly defeated by Bio Mecha, he came to his aid and destroyed Bio Mecha's laser gun, heavily damaging himself in the process.


  • Shabo
Shabo is a spirit that a fortune teller sent along with Shion to aid him on his journey through the Ice Castle. Equipped with a scythe that can return back to him when thrown, he is a very helpful ally indeed.

  • Priscilla
A fairy Queen Eleanora sent with Shion to aid him on his adventure through the cave west of Alsedo. When the Myconid was there, mushroom monsters had taken over the cavern and made it their den.

  • Junior
The Elder Dragon's grandson who just hatched out of his egg. Although he is only a child, he has the ability to breath fire to a short range.

  • Hotta
The strong dwarf who was once kidnapped from the village of Lilypad. As thanks for saving him, he aided Shion in the depths of the Jungle Temple where the Rock Monsters; Gragg and Glagg resided.

  • Pepelogoo
A Pepelogoo(or Pepe for short)is a cute, strange creature that utilizes its ears to fly. In Monster World 4, Asha was primarily dependent on this creature to access most of the game's areas and solve its puzzles. They can somehow grow by feeding them strange, glowing fruits that can only be found on rare trees.

  • Towns People
Within Monster World and other areas alike, there are many residents like these that will guide you on your journey in several ways such as giving you hints, selling you items and equipment, trading items with you, and much more. Its important to talk to everyone, you never know what kind of information you can squeeze out of them.


  • Bio Mecha
The great calamity that came from another dimension who wants to take over Monster World. With the ability to command and possess anyone who remotely resembles evil, he is a force to be reckoned with. Bio Mecha is equipped with futuristic technology and armor that is nearly impossible to breach by normal means. At the end of the battle between him and Shion, peace reined for a long time, but he slipped away afterwards. Where are his whereabouts now?

Characters from another world
There tells of a place known as the Tarron Kingdom where a seperate struggle takes place. These characters are from the alternate version of Wonder Boy in Monster World known as the Dynastic Hero. However, in this entry, their world will be entirely brand new. Does that mean this game will have 2 worlds? Maybe, maybe not.