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Progress Report and Possible Engine Giveaway

  • XBuster
  • 07/19/2015 04:32 PM
Hello everyone:) Its been a minute since I gave you my last update on what's going on and I think its about time I tell you all and bring you out of the dark.

First of all, the game itself is doing a lot better than what I had intended it to be. I know that bringing in new ideas often pushes a game's completion date further and further, but its been well worth it so far. Due to the fact that this game is becoming more modern and being inspired by games such as Super Mario Galaxy and Sonic Lost World, the platforming has become better and more fluid.

Also, many stages have been re-polished and many new stage ideas are yet to come. I have so many concepts I want to implement, but I have only planned 64+main stages. Each stage is planned to look somewhat or completely different from any other stage to create that feel of variety and that each stage is its own world.

There is a special item I've created in the game called a "BGM Disc". With this disc, you can download any midi you'd like and play the song from a customized menu. The item is designed to have 120 playable songs from various games and 20 of which you can add yourselves. I wanted the songs to be midi because they are small in size and run a bit smoother. An MP3 version of the item is being looked into, but they currently don't work too well.

As far as the characters go, I'm going to release an updated roster of all of the current and planned playable characters from the game. They all may make an appearance in this game. But, I may save some for a new fangame. I'm thinking about making a Sega All-stars in Monster World.

Again, I apologize for the game taking so long. It started out simple, but the more I learned about the engine and the MW franchise, the more ideas that came to my head and the further I had to push back the release date. I pray that you'll enjoy it once I release the last to final demo and the final game itself.

And speaking of the game, if things are looking good within the engine itself, I believe that I will go ahead and release the engine to the public. You WILL NEED Game maker 8 pro for it to function. It has over 2500 sprites, 100 sounds and songs, 1000 objects, over 100 backgrounds, over 12 huge chipsets, and a ton of rooms from stages to towns and much more. Anyone will be able to edit and create a decent 2D platforming world easily with this engine as I explained how everything works in comments and tried to make it as easy as possible to understand.


Lydia>>>Monster World Legends
Kiki>>>Monster World Legends
Bai>>>Monster World Legends
Ferkin>>>Monster World Legends
Ryou>>>Monster World Legends
Bock>>>Wonderboy in Monster Land/Monster World I & II
Lizard Man>>> Monster World II
Mouse Man>>>Monster World II
Hawk Man>>>Monster World II
Lion Man>>>Monster World II
Piranha Man>>>Monster World II
Shion>>>Monster World III
Princess Purapril>>>Monster World III
Darkworld Prince>>>Monster World III
Asha>>>Monster World IV
Leo>>>Wonderboy: Monster's Lair
Dynastic Hero>>>Dynastic Hero
Mail:Popful Mail (Guest Star)
Princess:Magical Pop'n(Guest Star)
Sonic>>Sonic the hedgehog
Tails>>>Sonic the hedgehog 2
Alex Kidd>>>Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Tyris Flare>>>Golden Axe
Gilius Thunderhead>>>Golden Axe
The Warrior>>>Golden Axe
Rhys>>>Phantasy Star III

I plan for the game to be at least 4-8 hours. With adding a storyline in between stages and making Story stages as well, the game's length easily increases. Also, there are 100 treasure chests and several key items to obtain around the 70 or so stages in the game. It is also challenging as a whole, which means losing lives is common.

As far as stages go, there are 56 Main stages, 6 color-block stages, 8 story stages, and about 24 extras planned. I would like there to be 100 stages actually. Each stage with its own name and song so that no song is repeated in any other stage. Think of each stage as a "Zone" in a Sonic game. No Zone(exempting Green Hill Zone) is repeated and every one has its own special song. The same goes for Mega Man games.

Well, that's about it for this time around. This project has become something I never expected and I remember kentona saying in a blog somewhere to start out with a huge project to make the smaller ones look easy. So, I'm doing just that. Good luck with your projects everyone and have a blessed day.


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Sounds great! The finished game will be amazing :D
Thanks buddy:) Have faith in me and hang on just a bit longer. Cherry picking the best elements of this franchise and genres wasn't easy, but I finally know what I want and now I'm going for it.
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