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Upcoming Semi-Final Demo and a Serious Tester Request

  • XBuster
  • 08/13/2015 03:00 PM
Hello everyone, I have a request. As you all may have realized, this game is taking a long time to create and test alone. My request is for anyone who is willing to test the game in "Stage Select Mode" to sign up to play as one of the characters and play any stage to test for flaws, errors, level-design issues, and other problems. If you'd like to become a semi-final tester, mail me or post a comment below.

As of now, there are 16 playable characters in the game. However, The MWL characters(except for Lydia) are unavailable at the moment. Also, Sonic and Alex Kidd are being worked on due to being mascots of the company. The characters I want you to test are the ones in the MW series. These characters include...

2)Hawk Man
3)Lion Man
4)Piranha Man
5)Mouse Man
6)Lizard Man
8)Princess Purapril

There are a wide number of stages that I need to be tested. There are over 50 of them and a lot of ideas were scratched. I can add them as extra at some point though. Stages like Popsicle Park and Crystal Cave are some examples.

I am asking this because the game is almost finished, and I can't do this alone...not anymore. I want to move on from this project and do greater things.

Notes: Story Mode is unavailable at the moment, bosses are unavailable at the moment. Most new characters are unavailable as well. Those are a surprise and will be available in the Final game itself.

Thank you and have a blessed day.


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Infantry for life!
Yea go ahead and lock this topic to.
I could test any of the characters.
Thank you guys for helping out! The demo is planned to be released within the next couple days or so. I'm going to need a lot of help testing for this game's final chapters. I am looking for 3 main things; level design, character playability, and overall challenge.
How can I help?
Glad you asked:) What would help me the most is testing the stages. Don't go to the "Adventure Mode" unless you want to travel on foot. Once you start the game, I would like you to go to the orange arrow and select a stage to play. This mode has more stages available than adventure mode and before you play the game, read some of the files included in the package.

Most stages I tried to make as solid in concept and design as possible, but there are certain ones that are old and have to be remade. However, I added them in anyway. Also, certain stages may be slow due to them having too many objects such as Ship Fortress and Bamboo Marsh.
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