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MW Underground: What's New?

  • XBuster
  • 03/22/2016 06:15 PM
Hello everyone, sorry for my absence. I decided to work on this project underground and there are quite a few number of changes with this game since the last update. Today, we will be discussing those changes. 2016 is Wonderboy/ Monster World's 30th anniversary, so this game will be released this year.

1) Change of the game system:

  • The increase of HP and MP are no longer limited to the power ups. These stats now increase when you buy an upgrade or find an upgrade on a map or stage. Thus, this means your HP will not start out as 100 like it used to. You'll probably start out with 30 HP and increase it from there. HP and MP upgrades will have a limit to how much you can buy as well.

  • You are now able to travel through areas similar to the other games. You can backtrack from map to map giving the game a linked effect. This is a crucial update since its better than making a bunch of objects/events.

  • The physics are being re-invented. The MW games always used a small speed variable rather than the x/y movement as seen in games like Mega Man. With the new physics, you'll be able to go up/down slopes with ease and collide with objects with greater precision.

  • The stage system is on the fence of being a HUB map or a stage map. What would you prefer? I know most platform games now use stage maps similar to Mario rather than having you walk everywhere.

  • Characters are being polished. Dyhalto, Gourd_Clae, orochii, alterego, and TheRexion; I have not forgotten your character entries and they are not leaving anytime soon. I have a grand plan for them all. Hope you guys don't mind waiting a little longer to see your characters in action.

  • Wallet increase-You can now hold up to 9,999,999 Gold.

  • Custom Choice Engine!! Finally you can play this game completely withought a mouse. You can choose between yes or no easily now. You can't jump in front of NPCs such as people, signs, and treasure chests. Once you are away from an NPC, you can jump again.

Introducing New Monsters!!

  • Some monsters are from previous Wonderboy installments, others are custom or merged. New monsters include the Lamia, Bumble Bee, Rat, Moth, Snail, Laser eye, Squid, and whatever this bird is XD. Others are coming as well such as the Elepahnt, Crocodile, Fairy, and much more.

Much more is being planned in the shadows. With the next demo being released, it will be the 2nd Semi-Final release and the last Demo before the final product is released. Shortly after, If you're interested, I will be creating a MW engine for new users using this engine. Its been nice being able to do this again. Until next time!


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I like that name, "whatever the bird is xD". Can I call it Whabirxd? Also I'm curious about that stuff of the speed variable vs the x/y movement in Megaman. I'll have to take a close look at these games. I'm curious *v*!

Progress, yay! Looking forward for the game :^3
I like that name, "whatever the bird is xD". Can I call it Whabirxd? Also I'm curious about that stuff of the speed variable vs the x/y movement in Megaman. I'll have to take a close look at these games. I'm curious *v*!

Progress, yay! Looking forward for the game :^3

Haha! Yes, you can call it that. Also, what that means is instead of having the x/y movement(no physics), you will have more natural movement as seen in Mario, Sonic, and Wonderboy games. If you are sliding down a hill for instance, the character will animate themselves until the horizontal speed is 0. For Mega Man, he stops animating and moving the moment you let go of the button.
Excellent news. I'm just glad to see this game still going after all these years :)
Believe me man, there were times I stopped working on it and wanted to give up. However, I remember kentona saying start with a big project(his was Heroes Realm). If you do this, it will make smaller projects a piece of cake. Funny enough, the 30th anniversary is this year. This year, a brand new Wonderboy game will be released. Its called Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

I'm excited to see that the series is still alive and kicking.
It's nice to see that this game is getting updated. I came across it like two weeks ago when I was looking at the 'Top Rated Games' section on the homepage. I refreshed a lot since it randomly generates what games it's showcasing. It's better than sifting through dozens of pages by using the search bar. Gems are not always indicative by how many downloads they've had, after all. Worthwhile endeavors can sometimes be found in obscure titles that haven't received as much fanfare.

But I digress. I haven't actually got around to downloading and playing it yet. I should probably wait til you make the changes to save myself some effort on my part. I do hope that the bosses are challenging to fight and that their attacks aren't too easy to dodge and that they change up their tactics once they've hit specific HP thresholds (75% > 50% > 25%) instead of doing the same thing over and over again.

Just from reading the character bios, I'd say that Ferkin appeals to me the most. In looks, in backstory, and in class type he has it all.

Long ago,Shion killed the Tyrant Dragon and holds a grudge towards him and warriors alike, so he bears a powerful grudge against those kinds of people.
I always thought this sentence from Glaedr's excerpt sounded weird. It's kind of redundant to say he holds a grudge against Shion and warriors alike and then again state that he bears a powerful grudge against those kinds of people. By the way, it totally looks like his swords are sausages (if you know what I mean) or those thin balloons, hehe.

So does this game require you to download something like RTP to run it?

And will you be able to upgrade your characters' skills? Let's use Lydia's Fireball for an example. Let's say in its normal state that it just shoots a projectile horizontal from her. So an upgraded version might let her lob it upwards instead or maybe set an enemy on fire. Rather than have all your skills at full capability from the start (and thus making them bored once they've played with everything since there's nothing new to look forward to), they should have to work towards it and decide what to get (either you can eventually get all the upgrades or you can make it so you only have a limited amount of points to spend and the upgrades have branching paths; this means more work but also allows you to customize your character).

Bai's Tornado Swing could create, well, a mini tornado that then sweeps away enemies in its path before dispersing. Push them off a cliff or group them all together to finish off at once. There could be an upgrade to make it last longer or capable of deflecting weak projectiles.

As for Ferkin, well, I have no idea what his skills do but he definitely would appreciate faster MP Regen via a passive upgrade. Lapse sounds like it might temporarily stop time? So an upgrade to that would be making it last longer. Hehe, now I'm imaging firing dark energy blasts while the world is paused and then all the attacks hitting a boss when it resumes. 'Course that might be too OP if you could stop time and then move out of the way of enemy attack whenever you wanted. I suppose it'll have a huge MP cost so you can't spam it.

I searched up 'Yotsmungand' since it sounded like it came out of Norse Mythology. I ended up with Jormungand, the World Serpent who encircles the world from mouth to tail and whose poisonous bite killed Thor. Apparently it's also a Fire Emblem dark spell that... poisons the enemy. That made me think of Ferkin summoning a snake familiar that follows him around for a while and fights/shields him. That or shadow clones. Shadow clones are always fun.

As for his space aspect, he should be thinking with portals! Create linked portals so that a monster (small enough to fit through it) will be brought to the other end. It's ripe for abuse and combos like dropping enemies off cliffs,shooting an enemy through them, or just making a quick escape. To set the portal locations he has to move to the spot and press the skill button. Repeat for the second one. Pressing the key a third time will remove them so that you can re-situate them.

Glaedr's Flame Breath skill seems like could be an effective boss killer if you could hold down the skill button and shoot out a stream of fire that extends a short/medium distance. Instead of a set amount, it gradually drains your MP until you let go or run out so you can decide how long to use it.

The fact that he was raised by dragons makes me wonder if he could have a temporary transformation skill. Though that'd mean more work for you since you have to make sprites for that dragon form and animate its movement and attacks. I could definitely settle for an ending where he becomes one instead at least.

But in the end, what the characters skill set should be and how they work is up to their creators and the technical constraints of you the developer. All I can do is offer suggestions. At any rate, you have a lot on your plate. I wish you success in creating a project that you can be proud of and any future aspirations!
Well said :) The bosses do get a bit more aggressive after a certain HP is reached. For example, the Sphinx will shoot fireballs faster, or the Living Armor will run faster and cast more powerful spells.

This game is becoming more like an adventure game by the day. Not only does it include a bunch of stages, but you can now make a metroid-vania game out of it.

As for the bios, I do agree that they need some updating. I'm not going to update the page until everything is set in stone.

No, the game doesn't require anything to run it. There may be a possibility of switching to an MP3 soundtrack in the future. I love this project so much, I believe it deserves better than midis. However, they are space-conservative. The MP3s may require an extension. I'll be sure to keep you updated. However, the recent version includes a MUSIC folder where you can import custom midis and play them using the BGM disc item in-game. You will need that folder to use it.

With character abilities, you will be able to upgrade them temporarily via power-ups. However, I do have plans on making specific character upgrades. I've already added health and magic upgrades. For instance. Lydia's fireball can be controlled as it flies and will grow into a bigger fireball when her magic is strong enough. These will be turned into upgrades now.

As for your interest in Ferkin, I believe Dyhalto will be pleased to hear that :)
He is cool character and I love working with him. With these characters, it expands beyond anything I imagined for this project. Having a character contest was one of the best decisions I've made for this game. His skills are in consideration and there is so much you can do with magic.

Bai is a character that is also intersting to work with. With a sword of that size, it expands the usage of other objects. For instance, there are blocks hard enough that only her sword can break it. Lydia's sword isn't a bashing weapon, while Bai's sword is both a bashing and cutting weapon.

And yes, this game is a lot of work. As I learned more about the possibilities and played nearly every Monster World/Wonderboy game, new ideas came to mind endlessly. Thankfully, I'm learning how to cut things off and not even use some of them.

Thank you so much for your reply! It has opened my eyes to a lot of things and thanks for the support!
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