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What to expect in 2017:MWL

  • XBuster
  • 02/07/2017 05:43 PM
Hello RMN! Its that time again. An update on what to expect for the new demo and the game as a whole for the year of 2017. Today, we will be discussing several concepts on the game's design as well as giving an overall progress report.

Battle System
First things first, lets talk about the battle system. In recent years, the battle system had a fixed set of battle content and you could not grow whatsoever. The only growth item you could receive was a temporary HP and MP doubling item. 2016 was all about experimenting with new concepts and fleshing out the battle system to a greater degree that the Monster World franchise has ever seen.In the long run, it was a great decision because so much was learned in the process.

This included adding a skill grid, adding equipment that gave you new physics and abilities, accessories that increased certain stats, and a wealth of characters to travel with in the massive land that is Monster World. As of 2017, here is the current status on the battle system...

  • An action bar was introduced

  • The skill grid is over halfway done

  • Equipment that can change your overall physics

  • Monsters that can block, hide, and much more

  • Enhanced Boss Battles that require concentration

  • Each character has their own abilities, block mechanics, and play styles

Boss Battle Encounters

Due to the heavy increase in advantages for the player, bosses have become a bit more challenging and strategic. Bosses now have the ability to block, heal, cast magic. However, they are vulnerable to things like being stunned or being weak to certain types of attacks. Weaknesses play a big role in killing certain bosses quickly as some of them are aggressive and won't go down without a fight.

Menus and new modes

New modes are being developed actively. To celebrate the 30 year mark of the franchise, all kinds of bonus contents are being added such as adventure mode, a library to read up on characters and events of Wonder Boy/Monster World, mini games that range from shooters to small 2D adventures, and even a trophy gallery to display your in-game achievements.

Stage Design Updates

In the past, most(if not all) levels took place in a single room. With the heavy advancement that took place last year, the game now allows you to backtrack between rooms. This is due to levels becoming much larger and more varied. This was a necessary step in order to take the game to its maximum potential. Levels can now consist of one or more rooms and may or may not allow you to backtrack. Usually, arrows will let you know if you can move between screens. In a nutshell, the stage system is a hybrid of Monster World 3 and 4.

New skills learned!

On my part, the overall development has taught me a lot on how to improve the game by being introduced to new ways of doing things such as...

  • Advanced Parallax Scrolling

  • Dealing with particles

  • Menu Creation

  • Background effects such as coloring and blending

  • Silhouette creation

  • Music and sound

A new demo is on its way!!

No, I am not kidding. A new demo is on its way soon due to a complete lack of one in 2016. I want ALL of you to get your hands on this brand new version with a complete design overhaul from the September 2015 demo that is currently holding the download button. This will be Semi-final demo 2 of 3. This may be the last demo before the the final game comes out, but for now, that's what we'll call it.