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So what's next?

  • XBuster
  • 02/27/2017 05:29 PM
Hello everyone! As you all know, a conceptual demo of MWL was released last week demonstrating what the game has in store for its future. Many things were heavily limited such as the skill grid and equipment choices. In a nutshell, about a good 8% of the game was in that demo. So what is in store for the project as of now?

  • Equipment Expansion

Well, first off I'd like to say that now, the equipment system will now be branched off into their own menu segments to allow more equipment to be in the game. This means I can heavily expand on it while bringing every weapon from the franchise and even original equipment in. More game-changing abilities could be added such as something that increases the action meter speed or something of that nature.

  • Special Effect Outburst

Within the game are over 1000 sprites, over 50 of them belong to particle sprites. After playing a variety of games like Kingdom Hearts, Tales Of, Soul Calibur, and Star Ocean, I noticed all of these nice bursts of special effects when you cast spells or hit enemies with attacks.In order to have this game at its max potential, learning particles is a skill that is an absolute must.

  • Story Mode In Full Bloom

Most demos thus far have all been about game play. In games like these, its wise to solidify the game play first while having a story in mind. I read an article about Final Fantasy's Tetsuya Nomura about his experience with making Kingdom Hearts 3. He says that when making those games, they make a battle system they believe would work, then make a story revolving around that said system.

I'd say the battle system itself needs a bit more work, but things are expected to improve and change over time. The rest of the cast is being fleshed out and current cast improved on. In total, a cast of 18 party members are planned. There was an idea to play as Queen Eleanora and the Darkworld Prince from Monster World 3, but the idea was scrapped and they were changed into summons.

I believe people will become more smitten with this project if a story was added with dialogue so they can learn more about the character's personalities and reasons for joining the fight for peace. Expect more talk about the official storyline down the road.

  • World Map

In the manual of last weeks demo, it explains about types of stages in the game or will be featured in the game. Towns, Dungeons, Stages, Adventure/Overworld Maps,and more. Battle Zones are also planned in between segments that are similar to Beat-em-up type games. You will not be able to progress until all monsters are eliminated from the area. Monster World is only home to a handful of characters...with other characters...well, I'll leave that up to your imagination.

  • Mini Game Madness

Planned in the game are an assortment of mini games that utilize the engine's sprites to the best of their capabilities. The original plan was to make a separate game similar to Wario Ware or Mario Party. However, this game would only be based on Mini Games only. From games to a short platformer, space shooter, scrambling for items, and an assortment of other ideas.

  • How did you all feel about the last demo?

A friend of mine gave me some pointers on a few things that could be done, and a handful of users have been aiding me in making rather difficult decisions in the game's development. Thank you all who have been there for me when I was in need of advice. Without you all, I doubt certain things would have been realized or possible. If you have played the demo, feel free to post and let me know about things you did and didn't like. An artist cannot improve without critique, thus a game developer cannot either. Thank you:)

  • Future project ideas related to Monster World

Although MWL is still under heavy development, I still have some future ideas about games I want to make for the series such as...

  • Monster World IV-2:An expansion of MWIV showing the aftermath of what happens after the first game.

  • Asha&Shantae:A game that blends these two heroines together. However, I have to play more Shantae first before I do anything.

  • Monster World Extreme: A more mature and darker Monster World similar to the transition between Mega Man and Mega Man X

Well, that's about it for setting up an atmosphere for what is in store for MWL. As for all you Wonder Boy fans out there, I'll tell you the same thing the creator; Ryuichi Nishizawa told me. "If you enjoy Wonder Boy, then I am happy".Cheers!