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MWL News Update

  • XBuster
  • 03/05/2017 12:52 AM
Hello everyone, didn't want to keep you in the dark for too long. Here are a few updates that may grip your interest in what's been going on behind the scenes. Although, I won't spoil too much here.

First off, I'd like to show off a slight HUD update that gets rid of those bulky hearts. This allowed more space for other important information that would also take from the bottom as well. Instead of showing if you have an Elixir, it will show exactly how much you have. Since the numbers were so big for HP and MP, your status could not correctly display if your HP was 1000 or more, it would blend into another HUD segment. That problem is fixed now.



New Abilities are being added consecutively and the equipment is so heavily expanded, I had to give each equipment piece its own menu such as Weapon/Armor/Shield/Ability/and Magic.Some abilities add a strategic combat structure to your play style such as the one seen below. Lets say that Lydia runs out of MP and she is facing a monster that is weak to "Fire". If she can no longer use fireballs, equip this ability with the fire element and it will shift her sword into a fire sword. However, it will lose its attack power and atribute to become a fire sword. In some cases, its best just to use your stronger weapons over an elemental one.

Characters are transforming day by day. In order to make them fun to play as, they have to look the part as well. Ferkin, Ryou, Bai, and Glaedr(Now known as Blade)are being updated on a regular basis. Here is Glaedr's transformation. He was originally made by TheRexion.

It literally took FOREVER to figure out a costume for Lydia that I really liked.She went from being similar to Asha with her baggy white pants to more of a warrior-princess look.

As for other areas of the game, not much is going to be said yet because the standards for stages, and story line are being updated. Many stages seen in the past are going to vanish simply because they don't fit today's standards for this project. Some of them have simply been recycled since the development of this project began. Sometimes, its just best to start over and remove anything that is otherwise bland, lifeless, or just not fun to play in or return to.

For story however, that part is going to be extremely fun to make! I cannot wait until they begin to interact with each other and have reasons for joining this fight rather than just being in a game play demo for show. Bringing in 6 new characters, and gathering several from various time periods is something that is going to be exciting and challenging to develop. Heck, if certain things go well, more characters from the series' history just may appear.

Well, this is as far as I'll go for now. Since this game's development is in full bloom, things can be made faster and more efficient than ever before:) I hope you'll all stand by me till the very end. Thank you!


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Any kind of progress is good progress. Keep it up. Make sure this comes to fruition.
Any kind of progress is good progress. Keep it up. Make sure this comes to fruition.
Good point! I am starting to see that now. For a while I felt that everyone was being left in the dark for so long, they lost interest. And I will absolutely push until we reach our destination. Its thanks to all of you that it actually has come this far. Thank you for your support:)
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